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Shandong Titan Vehicle Co.,Ltd

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Shandong Titan Vehicle Co. , Ltd 

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  • Shandong Titan Vehicle Co.,Ltd
  • Shandong Titan Vehicle Co.,Ltd
  • Shandong Titan Vehicle Co.,Ltd
  • Shandong Titan Vehicle Co.,Ltd
Main Market: South America, Eastern Asia, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa, Oceania
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter
Brands TITAN No. of Employees 100~200
Annual Sales Year Established 1989
Export p.c 10% - 20%

Shandong Titan Vehicle Co.,Ltd  with over 20 yrs manufacturing experience and start an international business in 2004. It is focusing on a truck trailer, trailer parts and vehicle manufacturing.


The factory covers 190,000m2. It owns complete R&D center, vehicle and parts inspection center, rollover test laboratory, collision test place also large trailer stock. The large truck trailer workshops allow a monthly produce capacity over 2,000 units trailer per month.


The trailer payload from 20 up to 300 tons to meet different road transportation demand. the product range including semi trailers ( such as extendable and modular low bed trailers, flatbed and draw bar trailers, oil tanker trailers bulk cement tanker trailers, dump trailer, fuel tanker semi trailer, container trailer, lowbed trailer, low loader trailer, container side loader, etc. and every one of them an innovative and efficient transport solution with an excellent price/quality ratio. 


Now, TITAN semi trailers are widely exported to most African markets such as Algeria, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya, Sudan, Uganda, Malawi, Tanzania, Cameroon, Ghana also Dubai, Russia, Zimbabwe, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore, Trinidad and Tobago and South-America market.


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We have been working to benefit our clients and partners since 2004. Years of experience, using the most modern technology, targeted staff training and our high level of consulting competence have made us a leading specialist company. In particular, our personal ambitions in the nearly 20 years of the company’s existence have led to us being able to bundle industry and client-specific competences and deliver the required expertise for each sector. 


The Best Professional Services from TITAN Vehicle to Support you forever!


1. After the trailer finished, TITAN will make the operation video to introduce how to operate and maintain the trailer, and also provide the operation manual for the customer.

2. TITAN can send its technician to the customer’s county to supply technical training.

The main course will include the operation, maintenance, understand of various failures and corresponding solving measures. After the training, the customer’s worker can operate the trailer by themselves and very know the various functions of the trailer.

3. TITAN can provide customers a full set of spare parts to ensure the supply of components and parts will be sufficient and in time.

4. Once a failure happens, no matter what reasons, TITAN will send its technician to the customer’s country as soon as possible to assist to resolve the failure.


titan semi trailer




TITAN Semi-trailer Video Display:

The main semi-trailers supplied include container side lifter trailer, wind turbine extendable trailers, detachable gooseneck low boy trailers, low bed trailers, container flatbed trailers, oil tank trailers, bulk cement tank trailers, and bulk cargo transportation. Semi-trailers, acid tankers, dump semi-trailers, container side loaders, modular trailers and other professional semi-trailers.


The following are introduction videos of TITAN main products.


Through these videos, you can learn about different types of semi-trailers, as well as the process, testing, packaging and customer feedback, etc.


TITAN Flatbed Semi Trailers:

3 axles 40ft flatbed trailer is the most popular model. TITAN can also offer the 20ft/45ft/48ft/53ft, 2/3/4 axles, the capacity from 60-100 tons.

     Flatbed Semi Trailers

TITAN Lowbed Semi Trailer:

TITAN Vehicle offers lowbed semi trailer designed to carry 30 tons, 40 tons, 60 tons, 80 tons, 100 tons, 120 tons, 150tons. It's main cargo platform is low, which ensures the stability of transportation.

    lowbed trailer

TITAN Sidelifter:

TITAN Sidelifter Trailer include 20ft self loader truck, 20ft and 40ft container side lifter trailer. Shipping tonnage is 21 tons, 37 tons, 40 tons, 45 tons for your choice.


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TITAN Detachable Gooseneck Lowboy Trailer:

TITAN can make the 2/3/4 axles detachable gooseneck lowboy trailers, with the capacity of 60/80/100/120 ton. To meet your transport needs and your local regulations, we can customize different configuration removable gooseneck lowboy trailer for you.


   lowboy trailer

TITAN Sidewall Semi Trailer:

Side wall semi trailer has a sidewall structure design. We have 2/3/4 axles, and load capacity has 30/40/60/80/100 tons for your choice. Customizable side wall height.


   side wall trailer

TITAN Fence Semi Trailer:

Stake fence trailer has a fence structure design. We have 2/3/4 axles, and load capacity has 30/40/60/80/100 tons for your choice. 3 axles 60 tons is the most classic model, of course, TITAN can also customize it according to your needs.


    fence semi trailer

TITAN Tipper Semi Trailer:

TITAN dump tipper trailers have different load capacities: 24 cubics, 30 cubics, 35 cubics, 45 cubics, We can customize the tipper trailers according to your special need, like standard tipper semi trailer, U-shape tip trailer, flatbed container tipper trailer, skeleton dumper trailer, side dump truck trailers.


    dump trailer

TITAN Container Chassis:

TITAN container skeletal trailer can be customized to 20/40/45/53 feet. We also provide customers with different options: 2 axles, 3 axles, 4 axles, airbag suspension, spring steel suspension.


    container chassis trailer

TITAN Fuel Tanker Trailer:

TITAN fuel tanker trailer can be designed in different capacities: 30 cubics, 40 cubics, 50 cubics, Our materials are different: carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy.


    fuel tanker trailer

TITAN Bulk Cement Tank Trailer:

The main volumes of cement tanker trailer are 25/30/35/40/55/65 cubic meters. Powder tank trailers are V-shaped and W-shaped, and the materials are carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum alloy.


    bulk cement tanker trailer

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