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120ton Removable Gooseneck Lowboy Trailer for Sale in Nigeria

January 18, 2021

Lowboy Trailers: Our detachable gooseneck trailers are often referred to as "lowboy trailers". These models are offered with capacities ranging from 35 to 55 tons. Well lengths are available ranging from 20’ to 33.5’ lengths on the tandem models and from 20’ to 26’ lengths on the tri axle models. Spring ride suspension is offered on 35 and 50 ton models. Ridewell brand air ride suspensions are offered on 35, 50, and 55 ton models. For states that are difficult to get your axle weights legal, flip axles are available in both tandem and tri axle models.

removable gooseneck trailer

feedback of the removable goosenek lowboy trailer from customer

Our detachable gooseneck agricultural trailers impressed the industry with their versatility and competitive price. We don't think that dragging wide agricultural equipment will bankrupt farmers. We have fine-tuned the design and invested in our own aluminum profiles to get the perfect aluminum slide-out legs. This durable component combines strength and light weight. You will not be disappointed! The result was an extension of 27 inches on each side and a convenient stop at 24 inches, 18 inches and 12 inches to tow equipment that may not be too wide but requires a larger capacity on each leg. There is a flat deck for transporting equipment at the rear. Available deck heights are 18 inches, 20 inches and 24 inches, and the well length can be up to 33.5 inches, and you can choose to add a turning axis. It will be difficult for you to find a trailer that will not be hauled. device of.

removable gooseneck trailer

The gooseneck on TITAN detachable gooseneck of the gooseneck lowboy trailer is hydraulically driven, with automatic lifting and automatic alignment functions. It can always be easily slid into the V-shaped alignment groove included in all our low-profile trailers. Our hydraulically controlled fork does not need to manually block the neck during disassembly. Tailor-made heavy-duty hydraulic cylinders are made in the United States, combining power and convenience. Our increased cylinder stroke means you can raise the trailer chassis from the ground to 16"-20", depending on the fifth wheel height. The easy-to-adjust heavy-duty articulated compression block assembly provides approximately 4 inches of stroke height adjustment according to the length of the gooseneck. We offer a variety of gooseneck lengths in 6 inch increments. We can help you find the ideal length of neck for your truck.

Our detachable gooseneck trailer includes a series of standard features, such as heavy chain pallets, all LED lighting, JOST legs, independent amber strobe kit, 11 pairs of D-rings, 2 inch nominal air-drying white oak floor, 3rd air lift axis (only 3-axis air slide device) and manual slide height multiplier (only air slide device)

removable gooseneck trailer

The structure of the gooseneck

The gooseneck part is composed of a traction pin, a lifting hydraulic cylinder, a pin shaft connected with the cargo platform, an eccentric block for fixing the position of the gooseneck, and a gooseneck. The gooseneck part is connected to the cargo platform by articulation, and a pair of lifting hydraulic cylinders are installed between the gooseneck and the cargo platform, which are driven by the hydraulic cylinder to realize the raising and lowering of the cargo platform.

After the cargo platform is raised or lowered, the position of the gooseneck and the cargo platform is fixed by an eccentric device. The eccentric device is welded by 16Mn steel plate and steel pipe, installed in the hollow of the gooseneck web, and connected with the gooseneck through a pin. The eccentric device has 2 plane positions. Through these 2 plane positions, it is in contact with the upper surface of the cargo platform, that is, the cargo platform is in contact with the ground: when the cargo platform rises, under the action of gravity, the right plane turns to the bottom, and it can be unloaded at this time The oil pressure and the load are completely carried by the eccentric device. This position corresponds to the highest position of the cargo platform, that is, the position during transportation.

removable gooseneck trailer

Mechanical sub-trailer of the gooseneck part during transportation, the force of the gooseneck is more complicated. In combination, there are the support reaction force at the traction pin, the support reaction force of the eccentric device, and the support reaction at the hinge joint between the gooseneck and the cargo platform. The force, the gravity of the gooseneck, the friction at each contact. Since the gravity of the gooseneck of the removable gooseneck lowboy trailer has a small value compared with other forces, the influence of gravity is ignored: at the same time, the influence of friction at each contact is ignored.

Only the influence of the support reaction force at the traction pin, the support reaction force of the eccentric device, and the support reaction force at the hinge joint between the gooseneck and the cargo platform are considered. Among them, the direction of the supporting reaction force of the eccentric device to the gooseneck is perpendicular to the cargo platform. The three-force balance converging principle and considering the balance of the whole vehicle can calculate the supporting reaction force acting on the hinge joint of the gooseneck and the cargo platform. The horizontal force is 500 KN, the vertical downward force is 4 000 KN