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2 Axle 20Ft Container Chassis will be shipped to Chile

February 27, 2023

2 Axle 20Ft Container Chassis for Sale in Chile

2 Axle 20Ft Container Chassis for Sale in Chile


The 2 axle 20ft container chassis for sale ordered by a Chile customer has been produced in the factory and sent to the Chile port within a week.

Three months ago, a Chile customer left contact information on our official website for the first time and got in touch with Abby, the sales manager. Abby, the sales manager, constantly sent a lot of real pictures and videos to the customer in the communication with the customer, and gradually gained the trust of the customer immediately.

Finally, after a comprehensive comparison, the Chile customer believed that the TITAN was of good quality and the price was the most reasonable, and finally signed a sales contract for this 20ft container chassis with TITAN.

2 Axle 20Ft Container Chassis for Sale in Chile

2 Axle 20Ft Container Chassis for Sale in Chile


20ft container chassis are used to transport goods and are very popular, as they allow non-reloading delivery of various goods from the sender to the recipient. Such packaging not only facilitates and speeds up delivery, but also guarantees the safety of the cargo.

20 ft container chassis for sale are used to move containers along the roads. A contianer chassis is a type of cargo trailer, which is a specialized vehicle designed to move sea and rail containers over long distances by land on public highways.

Most of the major manufacturers use this technique to transport their goods. Modern 20ft container chassis allow you to multiply the amount of transported cargo and at the same time save on its transportation. As shipping by sea has become more affordable, the popularity of container chassis 20ft is constantly increasing.

2 Axle 20Ft Container Chassis for Sale in Chile

2 Axle 20Ft Container Chassis for Sale in Chile


Types and features of contianer chassis

Depending on the frame design, 20ft container chassis can be:

Standard container chassis 20ft – Designed to handle 20ft or 40ft containers.

20 ft container chassis for sale - for transporting high containers such as HiCube.

Universal sliding contianer chassis are used for transportation of several containers at the same time, or for containers of non-standard dimensions (45 feet).

A contianer chassis is capable of transporting two standard containers or large-sized ones on its platform, depending on the type of containers themselves. The design may allow one or two containers to be transported together. But this 20ft container chassis customized by Chile Customer is a little special, it is only 20ft long.

2 Axle 20Ft Container Chassis for Sale in Chile

2 Axle 20Ft Container Chassis for Sale in Chile


20Ft Container Chassis Specifications

In order to choose and purchase the optimal 20ft container chassis model that will be able to cope with the tasks assigned to it for many years, it is necessary to know the key technical features of this equipment.

Load capacity

The carrying capacity of a 20ft container chassis is one of the main parameters. This equipment may be:

Medium-tonnage. Such container chassis 20ft are used for handling 20 or 30 foot containers and for local transportation.

Large-capacity. Ideal for transporting large volumes of goods over long distances. They are required for containers 40-45 feet long.


Trailer frames of this type differ from those of traditional contianer chassis in that they are made from extra strong square steel beams with reinforcements. They also have reliable latches at the junction with the suspension elements. This is necessary to compensate for shocks during the loading of containers onto a trailer by cranes from a contianer chassis. Therefore, such trailers are able to withstand high shock loads, not deform and not fail.