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20 Units Aluminum Alloy Fuel Tank Truck Trailer for Nigeria

September 4, 2020

TITAN aluminum fuel tanker designed intended for the transportation of all fuel products. Aluminum fuel tanker preferred for its light weight during transportation of petroleum products.

The development of aluminum tanker trailer to light weight has improved the safety of vehicles, reduced the fuel performance, greatly enhanced the economic benefits for users, met the environmental protection and energy saving requirements of regulations, and is the development direction of international transportation vehicles.

Aluminum alloy fuel tank have good anti-corrosion performance, so as to ensure that the oil or chemical liquid is cleaner, and the volume is large and the weight is light.


Aluminum fuel tanker advantages:

1. The back protection material is high-strength steel ,the distance of which is large to prevent from drilling and collision in order to improve safety of vehicle.

2. The cross section of tank is international standard small circle arc so that the stress of tank is more uniform and stronger

3. The dash board of head is of expansion structure ,high strength and the thickness of plate can meet international standard

4. The loading and unloading system is designed according to European standard,being safe, environmental friendly.

5. The ladder a roof walkway is designed for skid resistance .

To make sure the safety, TITAN gas tanker for sale adopt the bottom emergency valves. This can help the tankers to prevent oil leakage, when emergency happens.

TITAN fuel tanker trailer gives its customers wide range of tanker trailers assortment and find the best solution according to customer road regulations.


20 Units Aluminum Alloy Fuel Tank Truck Trailer for Nigeria

Aluminum alloy diesel tank truck


20 Units Aluminum Alloy Fuel Tank Truck Trailer for Nigeria