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3 Axle 40ft Sidewall Dropside Trailer for Tanzania

July 27, 2020

Sidewall cargo trailers is a kind of trailer whose design is suitably made to carry bulk cargo and containers. TITAN bulk cargo trailer can be customized according to the different requirements of customers in different countries.

Here is the cargo trailer that will be sent to Tanzania. This is our second cooperation. The first time the customer bought 2 units flatbed trailer, the customer told us immediately after receiving the flatbed trailer that the packaging was complete and there was no damage. We are also very happy to receive feedback from customers and we are very appreciative of our quality.

This time, the customer ordered sidewall trailers and a high bed trailer.

3 Axle 40ft Sidewall Dropside Trailer for Tanzania

Bulk cargo trailers have become an important part of transportation, but many cargo trailer owners pay attention to tractors and ignore trailers when using vehicles. In fact, for the operation of trucks, trailers are as important as tractors. So how should the sidewall trailer be operated correctly and safely, and what matters should be paid attention to when using the cargo trailer? After reading this article, I believe you will have a closer understanding of the use of sidewall cargo trailer.

Loading of cargo trailer

1. For the safety of vehicles and persons when loading and unloading and transporting goods, it is strictly forbidden to load unbalanced goods in the carriage during loading and unloading or transportation;

2. After the side curtain trailer with a center wall is loaded, the side curtain tensioner and the hook at the lower end of the curtain should be tensioned. For side curtain cars without a central wall, the sliding columns should be fixed according to the requirements of use, and then the side fences should be fixed;

3. If the van has an in-traielr cargo device, the cargo should be fully tied up with the in-car cargo device;

4. When loading and unloading, you must use a forklift according to the requirements of each vehicle, and loading and unloading beyond the limit is strictly prohibited;

3 Axle 40ft Sidewall Dropside Trailer for Tanzania

Start and drive the sidewall trailer

1. Getting started

(1) Operate the outriggers correctly, make the feet of the outriggers leave the ground and rise to the limit position, ensure that the height of the feet of the outriggers from the ground is not less than 320mm (when the semi-trailer is fully loaded), and then hang the handle on the hook;

(2) Check whether the tire pressure is the specified value;

(3) Check whether the air pressure of the air brake system is within the specified range, and only start when the air pressure of the air cylinder reaches 550kPa;

(4) Release the parking hand brake;

3 Axle 40ft Sidewall Dropside Trailer for Tanzania

2. Driving

After the above operations, you can drive. When going downhill, you must strictly observe the following operating points:

(1) To prevent the brake drum from overheating when going down a long or steep slope, try to use the tractor engine brake to brake;

(2) Don't use the dropside trailer braking system alone for a long time;