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3 Axle Gooseneck Lowboy for Sale in Kenya

October 22, 2020

Removable gooseneck low profile trailers are sold in different countries. For example, Ghana, Nigeria, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Burkina Faso, etc. Gooseneck Lowboy trailers sold in different countries/regions around the world have many different names, such as RGN trailers, detachable gooseneck trailers, foldable gooseneck low-profile trailers, portable gooseneck trailers, and military low-profile trailers, etc.

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3 Axle Gooseneck Lowboy for Sale in Kenya
The loading method of the gooseneck low-altitude trailer: the cargo is loaded from the front. As you can see, heavy-duty low-lift trailers can transport ultra-high and medium-sized equipment and machinery.
80/100 ton mobile gooseneck low-profile trailer for sale in Ghana

Characteristics of front load low bed trailer
1. Good performance
The load-bearing surface of the lowboy trailer can be adjusted to the ground level by hydraulic devices as needed. When it passes through a culvert or bumpy road, the load-bearing surface of the cargo box can be lowered or raised to improve its height. Qualified performance.

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3. Low center of gravity and good stability.
Due to the small ground clearance and low longitudinal beam height of this swan-neck low-rise semi-trailer, its load-bearing surface is 300-400mm lower than the ordinary concave movable low-profile semi-trailer, thereby effectively reducing the height of the semi-trailer. The center of gravity of the loaded cargo improves the stability during transportation.
For oilfield trailer bottom plates, other suppliers usually use 3 or 4 mm bottom plates, while TITAN uses 5 mm thick bottom plates, which are more durable and will not deform.

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2. Strong carrying capacity
Most of these gooseneck low-lift trailers have large tonnage, so the body is mainly designed as an arched cargo bed, while the longitudinal beams are mostly multi-longitudinal high-strength steel structures, which reduces weight and improves load-bearing capacity.
The main beam of TITAN's Lowboy trailer is made of HG60 high-strength structural steel. The yield strength of HG60 steel is ≥620MPa, which is stronger and more durable than ordinary steel. Its carrying capacity is 5 times that of Q345 steel trailer. The TITAN low-profile trailer uses double-layer reinforced gooseneck and upper and lower panels.

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4. Easy maintenance
Because the bearing surface can be raised and lowered, the tires on the bridge can be grounded, and other tires or other maintenance work can be safely and conveniently replaced without disassembly.
5. The effective length of the cargo bed is long
Because this type of model eliminates the rear ladder, the supporting surface can be lengthened, and because the construction machinery does not move from the rear, the inclination angle of the front of the bridge can be appropriately increased, thereby extending the supporting surface. . The lowboy cargo platform with a ladder at the end has a longer length, which can effectively load more goods, indirectly improve loading efficiency, and bring greater benefits to users.