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3 Axle Lowboy Gooseneck Trailer for Sale in Mozambique

September 21, 2020

What is lowboy trailer?
The gooseneck of the detachable gooseneck low plate semi-trailer is usually composed of four parts: a tractor, a force transmission system, an alignment adjustment system and a locking system. There are two kinds of locking control methods: manual control and pneumatic control.
The main difference between the RGN trailer and other lowbed semi-trailers is that its gooseneck can be unloaded. For lowbed trailer, heavy cargo are loaded from the rear. However, when using RGN trailers, the cargo is loaded from the front.

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3 Axle Detachable Gooseneck Trailer


Features of the detachable gooseneck trialer.

The lowboy detachable gooseneck trailer is particularly adapted to carry and transport large mobile equipment. It is able to do so due to its low-level trailer bed or frame and its gooseneck feature. Most important to note is that the trailer bed has backwardly placed moving wheels.
Here are the most important parts that enhance your operations with a lowboy trailer.
First, there are two interlocking pairs of the main coupling hooks. Lowering and raising the trailer assembly is made possible through the use of the synchronized hydraulic ram. These operate in between the trailer bed and the gooseneck at a point towards the back of the coupling hooks point.
Additionally, there is a retractable safety pin that is used to maintain the interconnection between the trailer bed and the hydraulic ram attachment of the gooseneck. The ram features offer a positive lock of thrust power load bearing blocks perfectly in a load bearing state when in normal operation. The control attachments for the trailer assembly components are well placed on one part of the assembly to enhance safe operating procedures.

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Differences between lowboy gooseneck trailers.

1. The main difference between loading removable gooseneck lowboy trailer and common lowbed trailers is that, the removable gooseneck trailers load the equipment or cargo from the front.
2. Ideally, the removable gooseneck trailers are complex to operate, but the equipment/cargo is easily driven on the trailer. The equipment is more safety and stable during loading, transit and offloading operations.
3. Unlike a detachable gooseneck lowboy trailer, a common lowbed trailer is loaded from the rear section. Essentially, the equipment should be driven on the trailer through ramp of low bed trailer. This provides a simple operation but the equipment or whatever cargo carried on it needs to be careful to drive on the trailer.