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4 Axle 120 Ton Low Bed Truck for Sale in Kenya

December 9, 2021

4 Axle 120 Ton Low Bed Truck for Sale in Kenya

4 Axle 120 Ton Low Bed Truck will be sent to Kenya


Kenya customer found Alice through regular customers. The customer came from a local transportation company, mainly transporting heavy vehicles such as excavators. According to customer needs, sales manager Alice recommends customers to use 4 axle 120 ton low bed truck.

Kenya customer not only fancy TITAN's services but more importantly, TITAN's production process and technology. At present, the customer's 4 axle low bed truck have been completed and packaged and shipped to the customer.


4 Axle 120 Ton Low Bed Truck for Sale in Kenya

4 Axle 120 Ton Low Bed Truck in TITAN Factory


Low Bed Truck for Sale buy tips:

it is important to ensure that your Low Bed Truck operates at its optimal level at all times. This is only possible if you know how to conduct control of a low bed truck. Quality control involves checking the performance of various components.

Welding inspection

Welding all the low bed truck for sale beams and plates is cumbersome. Many mechanics take short cuts in this process. Hence, you must be careful when inspecting the welded parts and joints.

All the 120 Ton Low Bed Truck for Sale welded parts should be smooth and uniform. Sometimes welding leave some rough surfaces because of heat deformation. Check all the joints for rough surfaces. Another thing to look out for when inspecting welded parts is cracks and penetration to adjacent beams.

If the manufacturer is not careful with the welding process, the welding machine can penetrate through the steel plate or cause cracks. Such deformations will reduce the strength of the beams.

Welding is the most important part of manufacture process. Welding Procedure Specification is a strict standard to keep the high quality of the trailers.


4 Axle 120 Ton Low Bed Truck for Sale in Kenya

Folding ramp of 4 Axle 120 Ton Low Bed Truck for Sale in Kenya


Fastener inspection

The main reason for fastener inspection is to ensure that all fasteners are tight. A fastener can be loose if it was not fixed properly or if the dimensions are wrong.

Hence, you need to determine if the fastener requires to be tightened or replaced with another fastener with the right measurements. You need tight fasteners for the strength and stability of the low bed truck trailer especially when it fully loaded.

Low Bed Truck Load Test

Manufacturers give the loading capacity of each trailer but you cannot rely on that information alone. You need to test if the trailer can handle the maximum load as specified by the manufacturer.

Inspect the process of loading the cargo on the lowbed trailer for sale to ensure that the ramp is working properly. If the Low Bed Trailer for Sale has the loading capacity as specified, it should be easy to load and transport heavy cargo with the trailer.

4 Axle 120 Ton Low Bed Truck for Sale in KenyaDrawing of 4 Axle 120 Ton Low Bed Truck for Sale in Kenya


Inspecting Whether The Surface Is Slick

The state of the surface of a trailer depends on the polishing and sandblasting processes. Inspecting the surface before buying a 4 axle low bed truck and while maintaining is important because of rust.

Ensure that the surface is rough to reduce the rate of rust. The surface is likely to wear out and rust if it is slick. Whether the surface is rough or slick should the effectiveness of the blasting process.


You can tell if the manufacturer followed the right process by inspecting the surface.