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4 Axle Cement Tanker Trailer for Sale in Sudan

August 13, 2021

4 axle cement tanker trailer

4 Axle Cement Tanker Trailer for Sale in Sudan - TITAN Manufacturer

This cement tanker trailer will be sent to Sudan. Speaking of it, this customer learned about our company through a regular customer of our company. Our company's fence semi trailer is very popular in Sudan, and many regular customers from Sudan often return orders, so some local companies are quite familiar with the TITAN brand. But many people may not know our company's products well, so this customer asked several Chinese semi trailer companies before selling semi trailers from China. Finally, he contacted our salesman and asked if we could provide cement tanker trailer. At first, customers were also very worried about the quality of the powder tank semi trailers made by our company, so our salesman provided customers with many cases, and our company's oil tank semi trailers are very popular, and there is absolutely no problem with the technology of making tank trucks. After many comparisons, the customer ordered TITAN's 4 axle cement tanker trailer.

4 Axle Cement Tanker Trailer for Sale in Sudan - TITAN Manufacturer

4 Axle Bulk Cement Tanker Trailer

The dry bulk cement tanker trailer used for transporting cement is a cement tanker trailer made of a combined specially designed chassis, pneumatic piping system, tanker and discharging units. With the use of this type of trailer, packaging and discharging costs are greatly reduced.

Bulk cargo is commodity cargo that is transported unpackaged in large quantities. It refers to material in either liquid or granular, particulate form, as a mass of relatively small solids, such as petroleum/crude oil, grain, coal, cement, powder lime or gravel. This cargo is usually dropped or poured, with a spout or shovel bucket, into a bulk carrier ship's hold, railroad car/railway wagon, or dry bulk tankers truck/trailer/semi-trailer, dry shipping bulk tankers body. Smaller quantities (still considered "bulk") can be boxed (or drummed) and palletized. Bulk cargo is classified as liquid or dry.

The dry bulk trailer is manufactured in the form of a large body tank. Later on, most dry bulk trailers are manufactured as pneumatic tankers. Therefore, these trailers are manufactured in a way that they have a single compartment that serves for loading into and unloading.

The dry bulk trailer is manufactured in the form of a large body tank. As a matter of fact, these trailers have numerous advantages in comparison to other trailer types. In general, the main materials that dry bulk trailers are transporting are food products, chemical products, and building materials.

4 Axle Bulk Cement Tanker Trailer

The choice of a cement tanker trailer is normally pegged upon a number of factors. Dealers in cement tankers have identified a number of needs in the transportation of bulk cement and have come up with various versions of this type of vehicle.

Therefore, it is prudent for every bulk cement tanker buyer to consider all the options before settling on any one of them. For instance, there are designs made to support heavy loading and offloading.

This type is made with high stability. You need to know why you are choosing one cement tanker trailer over another in order to make the most suitable option for your budget.

Here is useful information that will help you in the choice of a good quality tanker for transport bulk cement:

Know the capacity you want to transport. Choose the right specifications. This would probably come first in your considerations. How much of cement do you want to transport and for what distance. If you have a lot of stock to transport, it is important you get a tanker with a high volume capacity and strong enough to manage that weight. Getting the most appropriate option for your cement capacity will come as a result of a combination of various specifications. You will not just be looking for the volume needs only. It is important to establish whether the volume provided is fully supported by the construction approach. The durability of the tanker is also something you need to look at. Material of Construction: You can choose between stainless steel and aluminum alloy constructions. With a stainless steel construction, your cement tanker will not be easily attacked by rust hence can guarantee long-life.

4 Axle Bulk Cement Tanker Trailer

4 Axle Bulk Cement Tanker Trailer Drawing

Features of the Cement Tanker Trailer

1. Tank body: The tank body is made of high-strength alloy steel, the overall structure design is reasonable, and the weight is light; there is no sliding plate structure in the tank, which effectively improves the service life of the tank body and is easy to maintain.

2. Power system of the bulk cement trailer: The power system can adopt the power take-off type of the main vehicle, which has the advantages of light weight, low cost and easy operation.

3. Use of lightweight materials: accessories and accessories use aluminum alloy material and structure, such as side protection, rear protection, tank top walkway, air intake pipe, mudguard, outrigger, air reservoir, steel ring, inlet cover, etc. It has light weight, high-end, beautiful appearance and good corrosion resistance.

4. Transport materials: cement, fly ash, expansion agent and other materials. At the same time, the internal structure is designed for special materials to ensure normal use.