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40 ft Skeletal Container Trailer will be sent to Kenya Mombasa

October 18, 2022

The 40 ft skeletal container trailer was purchased by a customer from Kenya. This customer does not often import from China, so he is more cautious about importing bulky goods such as semi-trailers. The customer also asked friends who often import from China, and our salesman also gave the customer enough information and details.

TITAN often sells 40 ft skeletal container trailer, so we also recommend this 40 ft skeletal container trailer to our customers. This customer only bought a semi-trailer this time, and wanted to see the effect and the quality of the car first. Looking forward to the praise from customers after receiving the skeletal semi trailer!

Many people don't know the function of the axle. Let's explain the axle below to help customers who want to replace parts and buy semi trailers to better understand TITAN's high-quality axles.

40 ft Skeletal Container Trailer for Sale In Kenya Mombasa40 ft Skeletal Container Trailer for Sale In Kenya Mombasa

1.40 Ft skeletal container trailer axle bearing pressure

The 40 Ft skeletal container trailer axle is connected to the frame through suspension, and wheels are installed at both ends. The function of the axle is to bear the load of the car and maintain the normal running of the skeletal container trailer on the road.

In the 40 ft skeletal container trailer parts, in order of function, the engine is the heart, and the axle is the spine. Without the axle, you cannot load pressure, cornering, differential, shifting, etc.

Axle is a kind of vehicle structure that connects the top and bottom, and its primary function is to carry various workloads. According to the position of the axle on the chassis of the car, there are front axle and rear axle; according to the different suspension structures, the axle is divided into two types: integral type and disconnected type: the independent suspension has no vehicle between the left and right wheels.

It is customary to call the skeleton such as the wheel hub and the steering knuckle as a disconnected axle. Through careful observation, it is not difficult to find that in the process of bearing the load and supporting the operation, the front axle and the rear axle are very strong.

The axle is connected with the body through the elastic suspension, and the pressure of the load is supported by the elastic suspension. The elastic suspension has various forms such as leaf springs, air springs, coil spring, hydraulic support and so on.

Taking the leaf spring as an example, in the middle part with a large bending moment, a larger cross-section combination is used to resist bending, and at the end with a small bending moment, a smaller cross-section combination is used for decompression, which does not only reduce the self-weight but also makes the best use of the material.

It also highlights the advantages and buffers the pressure. Therefore, it has been widely used in long-distance and heavy-duty vehicles such as 40 ft skeletal container trailer and coaches.

The axle is connected to the road through the tires, and the load of the whole vehicle is elastically resolved and released. In order to effectively decompose the pressure of the whole vehicle load, there are many strengthening measures that came into being.

40 ft Skeletal Container Trailer for Sale In Kenya Mombasa40 ft Skeletal Container Trailer for Sale In Kenya Mombasa

2. 40 Ft skeletal container trailer axle real-time steering

The second function of the axle is real-time steering. For this reason, skeletal container trailer axles are divided into steering axles and non-steering axles according to steering functionality. Steering axles refer to the axles that undertake steering tasks; non-steering axles include drive axles and support axles.

Generally, the front axle of a special vehicle is a steering axle, and the front and rear axles of a four-wheel steering vehicle are both steering axles. The steering axle uses the steering gear to push the steering knuckle arm, so that the wheels at both ends of the axle deflect a certain angle, so as to realize the steering of the car.

The structural composition of the steering drive axle not only has the main reducer, differential and half shafts that the general drive axle has, but also has the steering knuckle housing, the king pin and the wheel hub that the general steering axle has.

Compared with the separate drive axle and steering axle, the difference is that the half shaft required for steering is divided into two sections, called the inner half shaft and the outer half shaft, which are connected by a constant angular velocity universal joint. stand up.

At the same time, the main bridge is also divided into two sections, the upper and lower sections, which are respectively fixed on the spherical bearings of the universal joint. The knuckle journal is made hollow so that the outer half shaft can pass through it.

The connecting fork of the steering knuckle is a spherical steering knuckle housing, which not only meets the needs of steering but also adapts to the force transmission of the steering knuckle. Steering drive axles are widely used in all-wheel drive off-road vehicles

The steering axle has a steering gear, the drive axle has a differential, and the dual-purpose vehicle has a guide wheel, which can make the steering function of the axle equally light.

40 ft Skeletal Container Trailer for Sale In Kenya Mombasa40 ft Skeletal Container Trailer for Sale In Kenya Mombasa

3. Axle transmits power

The axle also has the important mission of transmitting power and driving the vehicle. For this reason, the arrangement of the relative position of the engine and the axle varies.

Front rear-drive (FR) is the oldest arrangement, and is also commonly used for most trucks and some passenger cars; rear drive (RR) has a small space, which is conducive to the interior layout of the body and is widely used in large and medium-sized passenger cars;

The rear-wheel drive (MR) engine is generally installed under the floor, which is very beneficial to the even distribution of the axle load, and is another choice for large and medium-sized passenger cars; front-wheel drive (FF) is mainly used for light vehicles, and all-wheel drive ( AWD) is a unique configuration of off-road vehicles. Usually, the engine is placed in front, and the transfer case is installed behind the transmission to distribute the power to all the wheels.

40 ft Skeletal Container Trailer for Sale In Kenya Mombasa40 ft Skeletal Container Trailer for Sale In Kenya Mombasa