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40000 Liters Fuel Tanker Trailer will be sent to Papua New Guinea

September 7, 2021


40000 Liters Fuel Tanker Trailer for Sale In Papua New Guinea

40000 Liters Fuel Tanker Trailer for Sale In Papua New Guinea


Fuel transport trailer with different compartments can transport different kinds of liquid at the same time. This reduces the transportation cost and saves fuel because the trips are reduced to one.

Transporting each liquid in a different petrol trailer is more expensive and inefficient. Fuel tanker trailer for sale with multiple compartments can transport different grades of gasoline in one trip. A service station can receive all the products needed in just one trip.

The customer who bought the fuel tanker trailer is also the owner of an oil company in Papua New Guinea. Previously, he bought semi trailers from other companies in China. The price was slightly lower but the quality was worrying.

Tri Axle 40000 Liters Fuel Tanker Trailer Price

Tri Axle 40000 Liters Fuel Tanker Trailer Price


TITAN has always been adhering to the concept of providing customers with the best products and best services. Customers are considering buying TITAN products this time. Part of the reason is that their own company has expanded, so they want to improve the service quality of their own company.

This customer left a message for us on the website, and then our sales staff immediately contacted him and sent more detailed pictures and videos of the 40000 liters fuel tanker trailer to the customer. The customer also put forward their own requirements for the size of the semi trailer.

According to customer needs, we provide tri axle 4000 liters fuel tanker trailer for customer reference. The customer was very satisfied and finally ordered a fuel tanker trailer.

Tri Axle Fuel Tanker Trailer for Sale Manufacturer

Tri Axle Fuel Tanker Trailer for Sale Manufacturer

How Many Litres is a Fuel Tanker Trailer?

The fuel tanker trailer is a semi-trailer with a tank structure. Mainly used to transport liquids, bulk materials.

Fuel tanker trailer is mainly used for large-scale oil transportation, and the tonnage is generally around 40-60 cubic meters. The 40000 liters fuel tanker trailer square tank material is made of a Q235A steel plate. The tank body has built-in multi-channel reinforced anti-wave baffle plates, and the lower end of the baffle plate has through holes to reduce the impact of the oil in the tank and improve the strength of the tank during driving.

The mouth of the combined tank is located on the top of the tank body. There is a small self-locking cover on the big cover, and a breathing valve is installed on the upper side of the big cover to ensure the same atmospheric pressure inside and outside the tank; it has an electrostatic grounding wire.

Install the oil pump system, take the power from the gearbox side through the power take-off, which can be self-priming and self-draining; with two oil pumping pipes, equipped with quick couplings, and the suction range is 6 meters.

Advantages: high efficiency of loading, unloading and transportation. Guarantee the quality of goods. Conducive to transportation safety. Reduce labor intensity and improve loading and unloading conditions. Save packaging materials and labor. Reduce transportation costs. Tank cars: shipping fuel, lubricating oil, acids, alkalis, water, food and beverages, etc.

40000 Liters Fuel Tanker Trailer for Sale Manufacturer

40000 Liters Fuel Tanker Trailer for Sale Manufacturer

Failure and repair methods:

1. The rocking resistance of the rocker is too large. Reasons: poor lubrication, replenishing lubricating grease, bearing damage, replacement of bearing gear eccentricity or serious wear, decomposition and inspection of replacement parts screw thread damage, replace the screw.

2. Reasons for fuel tanker trailer of tire swing: loose wheel nuts, tightening of axle bearings, sintering and damage, replacement of bearings, bending of axles, correction and replacement of axle bearings, too large clearances, correct tightening of bearing lock nuts, replacement of bearing grease on time, replacement of axle bearings; excessive tires Partial wear, the verticality of the axis of the axle and the centerline of the frame is serious. Adjust the distance between the two ends of the axle and the traction pin as much as possible.

3. The brake cannot be released, and the brake release is slow. Reason: The system pressure is too low, increase the air brake system pressure to the specified value. The brake return spring is damaged, the spring pipe is blocked, and the emergency relay valve or quick release is checked and cleared. The valve is not working properly. Check and replace the brake cylinder and the stroke of the push rod is incorrect.

Fuel Tanker Trailer Price Manufacturer

40000 Liters Fuel Tanker Trailer for Sale Manufacturer