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40ft Flatbed Semi Trailer for Sale in Senegal

November 5, 2020

What is the price of a flatbed trailer?
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Flatbed trailer price
Flatbed trailers are very suitable for heavy or oversized cargo, which cannot be loaded into a closed truck. They are also ideal for transporting materials that are not easily affected by elements, such as wood and construction equipment.
Since most flatbed trailers are used for local travel rather than long-distance travel, you need to buy a truck that is easy to drive in narrow city streets and loading docks. You can skip the conveniences such as sleeper cars designed for long-distance routes.

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Average cost of flatbed trailer
The prices of most new flatbed trailers range from $40,000 to $80,000. Medium-duty trucks with fewer features are at the low end of the price range, while heavy-duty trucks with a lot of upgrades are at the high end.
If you exceed your budget, consider buying a used flatbed truck. Once the flatbed truck has traveled 100,000 miles or more, the price will drop significantly. However, you can still find a reliable truck with a long service life.
Lightweight, low mileage flatbed trailers start at about $30,000.
A high mileage truck in good condition usually costs between 10,000 and 20,000 USD.
Trucks with extremely high mileage and wear and tear cost between $10,000 and $15,000.

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Pay for flatbed trailer
If you cannot afford to spend tens of thousands of dollars upfront for a flatbed truck, you may want to explore financing options. Most dealers provide financing to reputable buyers. Alternatively, you can seek a loan from a bank or private lender.
Lease is another viable option. With a lease, you can buy a truck for very little or no money and spread the payment over one to five years. After the lease expires, you can purchase the truck, return the truck or exchange it for a new model. However, leasing also requires credit approval.

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Driving operation

Check before you start
1. Whether the tire pressure of the truck head and semi trailer is the predetermined value.
2. The air pressure of the spare tire, whether it is correctly installed on the spare tire frame and whether the nut is locked.
Start the engine and observe the barometer in the cab.

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3. Press the tractor's handbrake, you will hear an obvious sound of rapid deflation, see the brake cylinder push rod retract, and then release the parking brake.
4. Check whether there is air leakage in the air circuit and whether the brake system is working normally.
5. Check whether the gas lamp works normally and whether the electrical connection is good.