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Curtain Side Trailer for Sale - The Current Development Status of Curtain Side Trailer

July 9, 2021

Compared with the warehouse car, the loading and unloading of the curtain side trailer is not efficient

As we all know, the first big selling point of curtain side trailer is efficient loading and unloading, because both sides can be opened to obtain a large loading and unloading work surface, thereby achieving efficient loading and unloading. But in actual operation, the facts are not as good as imagined.

1) The side baffle is cumbersome to install. In order to ensure the side support force of the curtain side trailer to prevent the goods from being dumped during the transportation process, the side of the side curtain van is equipped with sliding columns and multi-layer side baffles are arranged between the columns. , Thus forming a frame structure, but it is also these side baffles that bring troubles to loading and unloading.

When the car is empty, the personnel can stand inside the compartment to disassemble the side baffle, which is relatively easy; but in the real car, the personnel can only stand on the ground to install the side baffle. The height is not enough, and a ladder must be used to come. It is very troublesome to complete. Compared with the flower fence of the Cangzha car, it is actually not very efficient.

2) The upper side beam (slide rail) affects loading and unloading operations.

Barrier trucks now almost all cancel the upper side beam. After the flower fence is opened, the loading and unloading height is not limited, but the curtain side trailer must be equipped with the upper side beam, which limits the loading height and makes the loading and unloading of taller goods impossible. It also causes a waste of loading space. Almost all European side curtain cars are equipped with a ceiling lifting device to solve this problem. However, this technology has not yet been popularized in China. Therefore, the loading and unloading of side curtain vans also has defects for ultra-high cargo.

3) The top cannot be opened, making it impossible to carry out lifting operations.

This defect does not come from the technical level, but is limited by the current regulatory requirements. According to the requirements of GB7258-2017, the top of the van must be fixed and non-openable. Therefore, the sliding open roof with high market demand cannot be promoted. It also limits the application of side curtain vans.

Curtain Side Trailer for Sale - The Current Development Status of Curtain Side Trailer

3 Axle Curtain Side Trailer

Compared with the Cangzha car, the curtain side trailer is not dominant in its own weight

Because the curtain side trailer has a curtain structure on both sides and top, theoretically it should be much lighter than the barn gate, but the facts are not always the case. Since the upper body of the side curtain car is non-rigid, in order to ensure the strength of the car body, compared with the barn gate car, the chassis of the side curtain car needs special reinforcement treatment, so the overall weight has not been reduced a lot.

At present, the dead weight of mainstream side curtain cars in Europe can already be less than 6 tons, but most of the side curtain vans in China are still more than 7.5 tons, which is almost equivalent to the warehouse grid car.

Poor anti-theft performance

This is easy to understand. A knife can easily cut the curtains, so that the safety of the goods cannot be guaranteed. So for the transportation of valuables, side curtain vans are not a good choice.

High price

At present, because the output of curtain side trailer in China is very small, and the accessories cannot be mass-produced, the development and manufacturing costs of side curtain vans have always been high. The price of a side curtain car is almost twice that of a warehouse car. As mentioned above, this has also become a main reason for restricting the development of side curtain vans.

Just imagine, if a curtain side trailer equipped with steel plate suspension and drum brakes is sold at a much higher price than a barnyard car equipped with airbag suspension and disc brakes, then users will inevitably be more inclined to buy a "universal" car. Cangzha car.

Of course, side curtain vans are not useless compared to Cangzha vehicles. In the process of using Cangzha vehicles, covering tarps has always been a pain point for drivers, and accidents that fall from a height are not uncommon. Side-curtain vans effectively avoid this risk, and at the same time have much better waterproof performance.

With the improvement of the regulations of curtain side trailer and the advancement of technology, especially after the cost has been greatly optimized, the side curtain vans still have strong market competitiveness. Compared with the old warehouse cars, the young ones The side-face van can be expected in the future.

Curtain Side Trailer for Sale - The Current Development Status of Curtain Side Trailer

Tri Axle Curtain Side Trailer

Why are side curtain side trailers not popular?

Only suitable for pallets, LTL department store is a bit embarrassing

More than one driver mentioned to me: "The side curtain trailer is good, but it is only suitable for pallets!" The curtain side trailer can be opened on all four sides, "Left", "Right", "Rear" and "Up". It is suitable for forklift loading, and its flexibility is even better than that of a wingspan truck.

This is its strength, but also its weakness. This kind of trailer is not suitable for randomly stacked department stores, not suitable for Lutong, and not suitable for LTL.

If you are point-to-point fixed line fixed source transportation, side curtain semi-trailer can improve your efficiency. If you are a national guerrilla LTL truck, it will start to drag you down.

In addition, the current labor cost of loading and unloading in the domestic logistics industry is relatively low, and the cost of reliance on loading and unloading is lower than the cost of buying pallets. This has also caused many logistics companies to be unwilling to replace pallets on a large scale.

When the labor cost of loading and unloading becomes higher in the future, the superiority of pallet transportation will be highlighted. It may be the spring of curtain side cars at that time.

Curtain Side Trailer for Sale - The Current Development Status of Curtain Side Trailer

Triple Axles Curtain Side Trailer

The support is not strong, and the goods are not easy to fix

The curtain side trailer looks like a high fence from the inside, with removable guardrails on the side walls; looks like a van from the outside, with high-strength curtains on all sides. According to the manufacturer, the strength of the side curtain semi-trailer is comparable to that of the high hurdles and vans, but the actual experience is not particularly reassuring.

When loading the side curtain semi-trailer, it is best to fix the goods inside. If it shakes and tilts during driving, the curtain of particularly good quality can still support the goods, and the curtain of ordinary quality may cause loss.

High maintenance costs and easy damage to the track curtain

A large part of the cost of the curtain side trailer is spent on the curtain, which is also its biggest wearing part. After years of wind and sun, the curtains have to withstand the test of aging. Some drivers have reported that cheap side curtain semi-trailers are prone to leaks after a period of time, and this leak is not easy to repair.

Although the cord has a certain degree of toughness, if some sharp goods are transported, there is a hidden danger of puncturing the cord. The track for storing the cords is more precise. If the forklift is careless in loading and unloading and accidentally bumps into it, it will cost a lot of money to repair it.

Curtain Side Trailer for Sale - The Current Development Status of Curtain Side Trailer

4 Axle Curtain Side Trailer & 3 Axle Curtain Side Trailer

Poor anti-theft performance, retail drivers reluctant

At present, the domestic transportation environment is not particularly friendly, and there are also occasions when the service area is infested with fuel guzzlers and theft of goods. Many people choose vans because of their excellent anti-theft performance.

However, side curtain semi-trailers do not have an advantage in anti-theft performance. Some domestic side curtain semi-trailers have poor anti-theft performance. Cheap curtains are vulnerable to thieves’ knives. This also makes many vehicles that transport valuable goods afraid to use. Curtain side trailer.