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Detacahble Gooseneck Trailer for Sale in Nigeria

February 1, 2021

Titan Trailers offers detachable gooseneck trailers in all popular styles and weight ranges. We feature six different styles. Our flatbed style is offered in both single and dual wheel versions. Our equipment style is built with the floor down in between the fenders and is available with a tilt bed or swing up loading ramps. We also offer car hauler goosenecks in two car, three car, and two truck versions. Kaufman’s landscape models are built with top rails and a heavy duty spring assist split gate. For hauling heavy equipment (such as track hoes and dozers), we offer detachable gooseneck trailers in capacities up to 55 tons.

Detacahble Gooseneck Trailer for Sale in Nigeria

5 line 10 axle detachable gooseneck trailer

Flatbed: This family is built with high tensile I-beam mainframes, uprights, neck, and channel cross members. The floor is built over the tires with no fenders. Single wheel models have 7,000 lb. axles with heavy-duty slipper spring suspension. An 8,000 lb. axle/17.5” tire upgrade is a popular option. Our 10,000 lb. axle, dual wheel versions are among our best selling models. These are available in a wide range of medium and heavy-duty versions. Swing up loading ramps are standard with lay flat wedge shaped ramps as an available option. A pop-up dovetail is also a popular option for hauling hay. Treated wood floor, a dovetail, stake pockets with rub rail, and a toolbox with lockable lid are always standard features.

Available in select models only, this line combines ALL of our best features as standard equipment in a great value package. Included are: frame upgrades (pierced frame on dual wheel models), radial tires, closer cross member spacing, and a U.S made sealed wiring harness with lifetime LED lights.

Equipment: These gooseneck trailers are built with all channel frame construction. Standard features include: durable diamond plate fenders, stake pockets with standard rubrail, pressure treated flooring, a dovetail, and swing up loading ramps. Added premium features are included in a package deal. Included are frame upgrades with closer cross member spacing, rubrail, radial tires, and a U.S made sealed wiring harness with lifetime LED lights. This is the best value equipment gooseneck trailer on the market!

Detacahble Gooseneck Trailer for Sale in Nigeria

3 axle detachable gooseneck trailer

Equipment Tilt: These tilt trailers are constructed with all channel iron frames. A fixed front section and tilting rear section allow you to haul implements in front and load and carry your equipment on the back section. Durable diamond plate fenders, stake pockets, pressure treated flooring, and diamond toe plates for easy loading are all standard features.

Equipment Tilt: Added premium features are included in a package deal. Included are frame upgrades with closer cross member spacing, rubrail, and a U.S made sealed wiring harness with lifetime LED lights. This tilt gooseneck trailer is a great value!

Car Hauler: We offer two styles of car hauler gooseneck trailers: a channel frame model with the floor between the fenders, and a cambered, fabricated frame model with the floor even with the top of the fenders. This car hauling model is lightweight and versatile for hauling dually trucks since fender clearance is not an issue.

Landscape: This configuration has top rails and a heavy duty split spring assist landscape gate with premium features throughout.

Lowboy Detachable: Our line up of detachable gooseneck trailers ranges from 35 to 55 ton capacities in two and three axle models with both spring ride and air ride. We also now offer an aluminum slide out RGN. This lowboy trailer line is built to the highest standards with premium components throughout.

Detacahble Gooseneck Trailer for Sale in Nigeria

Mechanical detachable gooseneck structure principle

The mechanically detachable gooseneck frame is similar to the semi-trailer body frame, and both are symmetrical with respect to the longitudinal vertical center plane. And indirectly contact with the ground (supported by the ground). The front end of the gooseneck is connected with the traction saddle of the tractor through a traction pin. The relationship between the tractor and the gooseneck is that the tractor can rotate around the blood axis relative to the gooseneck. After being separated from the towing saddle, the tractor can be driven away from the detachable goosenck trailer. The part of the tractor and the traction saddle (or becomes part of the traction saddle) is often made into inclined planes 1 and 2 with different inclination angles that tilt backward and downward with respect to the ground. The front end of the semi-trailer body Tilt the plane forward and downward to align with the upward tilting plane at the lower end of the gooseneck. This structure is arranged after the gooseneck is in direct contact with the semi-trailer. A continuous contact plane can be provided between the two. In order to further cooperate and connect the two.

Detacahble Gooseneck Trailer for Sale in Nigeria

The front end of the detachable gooseneck trailer body is adjacent to the rear end of the dumping plane with a slot, the size of which is just enough to allow the protruding rod at the rear end of the gooseneck to be inserted. The convex rod not only includes a supporting neck. It also includes a freely extending raised portion. Its shape is L. shape. The protruding rod can be in adjacent contact with the limit stop block which is stolen orthogonally on the detacahble gooseneck trailer body. The position of the protrusion can be defined by an orthogonal pin at the front end of the material surface. The function of the compression spring between the pin head and the fixed connecting plate is to restrict the protrusion from moving longitudinally along the detachable gooseneck trailer. Prevent the gooseneck from detaching from the detacahble gooseenck trailer. The tail of the bolt is hinged to the connecting rod and then to the horizontal rocker through the connecting rod. The horizontal rocker is then hinged with the vertical rocker. Therefore, the latch can be retracted by pulling the handle at right angles to the vertical rocker manually (through the circular notch on the side of the car body).

Detacahble Gooseneck Trailer for Sale in Nigeria

In order to remove the obstacles to the longitudinal and longitudinal movement of the protrusion, when the handle is rotated counterclockwise, the latch is released under the pull of the horizontal rocker and moves away from the center. The protrusion at the end of the protruding rod moves backward toward the limit stop, and is retracted by pressing the inclined surface of the latch, and finally contacts and presses the limit stop. After that, the bolt springs back under the action of the compression spring and prevents the protrusion from moving out: in this way, the gooseneck and the detachable gooseneck trailer are bolted together and become a whole, which can move back and forth and laterally. The gooseneck and semi trailer usually need to rotate around an orthogonal horizontal axis in the area of ? the sowing position.

For this reason, the dumping plane is combined with the relatively flat part of the detachable gooseneck trailer where the plane is close to the position of the latch mechanism, and the gooseneck is designed with a round end so that the gooseneck can swing on the flat surface of the semi-trailer. The size of the bolt and the slot hole meets that the sowing tip can rotate freely in the slot hole. When the gooseneck and the detachable gooseneck trailer are connected by an inclined plane and another inclined plane, the weight of the detachable gooseneck trailer will be transmitted, and the gooseneck will be borne by a special connecting mechanism. Each side of the bifurcated gooseneck is fixed with a stationary pin, and its rear end is tapered and fixed to the gooseneck; its front end extends horizontally in the forward direction and is connected to the goose by welding by a steel belt Below the neck arch structure.