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Do you know how to maintain Fence semi trailer regularly?

February 26, 2018

Fence semi trailer and fence structure design process combined with the user goods category, the user types of reasonable design, fully meet the load weight, simple structure, convenient disassembly, reduce investment cost for the user, create greater value for profit.

Fence semi trailer design models, beautiful beautiful, transport efficiency is high, in the economic market has become the good assistant of the transportation, safe and reliable delivery, delivery quantity is big, is very popular in the transport of goods.

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(1)Check engine oil, brake oil, if want to add in time.

(2)Check whether the chassis is leaking or leaking.

(3)Check the tire pressure, the wear condition of the tread, whether the nut is loose. If the driving feels like a deviation or a pendulum, you should go to the maintenance station for a four-wheel positioning or dynamic balance check.

(4)Check whether the fan belt is damaged or broken, and adjust the belt tightness.

(5)Check the connection condition of the whole car wire harness, and have the phenomenon of wireless skin cracking, loose, contact and so on.

It is often the case that the car is in bad condition, the lights are not good or the smoke is black. So the night at the high speed of the semi trailer is the taillight a lot of lights are small, even the taillights are not seen. Combined with the emission of black smoke billowing, it will seriously affect the field of vision. It is easy to create the illusion of fog. So it's best to drive on the overtaking lane at night. You should immediately slow down to avoid the risk of rear-end.

Get into the habit of regularly check the semi trailer cars can effectively reduce safety hazards in the vehicle and timely found potential failure, nip in the bud, at the same time also make you a better understanding of the behavior of vehicles, the emphasis has been placed to the best state.