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Do you know the regulation of GB1589 trailer?

January 26, 2018

New revised GB1589 basically the dust settles, called "outside the car, trailer, and car train profile size, limit value of axial load and quality " of the new standard to come before the end of the year, GB1589 to modify relevant items of the trailer, semi-trailer 13.75 meters length limit will affect domestic trailer market, the new GB1589 exactly is what changes the content of the trailer?

GB189 lasted for 2004 edition of the new profile size, limit three main axle weight and quality, on the basis of the original car, trailer, and car train regulation have been adjusted, and as the provisions of GB/T 3730.1 2004 version of the third chapter, GB/T 3730.2, GB/T 3730.2 definition of terms and definitions apply to this standard, the third chapter and the 2004 version of the difference is the introduction of GB/T 17350 (special vehicles and special terms, codes and establishment method of trailer) defines terms and definitions, and in addition, the new increase part of the new definition. In the fourth chapter for trailer profile size, quality limit rule has also carried on the corresponding adjustment.


More clearly defined Four kinds of semi-trailer length limit remains the same.

The new increase in GB1589 CangShan truck/plate truck/trailer, semi-trailer, column plate type truck/semi-trailer, dump truck, semi-trailer with four types of models to overloading transfinite problem, need to separate the four types of car in the standard outer profile size limit is put forward. CangShan type, column plate, plate type, dump semi-trailer in length limit is still the continuation of the 2004 version of the standard of semi trailer, a 8.6 m shaft, biaxial 13 meters, 10 meters, triaxial is uniform in width from 2.5 meters to ease to 2.55 meters. In the 2004 edition GB1589 semi-trailer and 13 meters length limit for the new GB1589 semi-trailer length limit to 13.75 meters (45 feet container transport semi-trailer the maximum length of 13.95 meters), the width is 2.55 meters (2.6 m) refrigerated trucks, 4 meters high; Key changes is enclosed van semi-trailer reduced from 14.6 meters to 13.75 meters; Cancel the whole closed van semi-trailer, low flat-panel semi-trailer, container semi-trailer limit the length of the special case.

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