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Do you know the secret of trailer production line?

January 31, 2018

In the increasingly competitive trailer market context, the level of technology or equipment and production line technology, it has naturally become the most powerful backing for the trailer to provide a guarantee of production capacity. That domestic trailer production line which advanced technology?

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CNC cutting machine

CNC technology in the trailer manufacturing process shoulder the task of CNC cutting machine is the use of digital program-driven machine tool movement, mainly used for trailer girder steel cutting cutting, compared with the traditional manual cutting and semi-automatic cutting, CNC cutting board Quality and efficiency are higher.

laser cutter

The automation level increases, the production efficiency will also increase. During the production and cutting process of the light semitrailer, the gong sound also uses the advanced numerical control laser machine. The laser cutting laser beam has a small energy density, and this cutting method not only Fast, but also narrow slit, the cutting material of high dimensional accuracy. Video on the image shows the process of laser cutting.

Corrugated board automatic welding machine

Corrugated board automatic welding machine is the role of the carriage plate welding, the application of laser detection scanning system, while scanning the same side of the welding, welding, high efficiency, reliable weld quality. The entire machine is simple to operate, high level of automation, reducing the welding work intensity.

Electrophoretic coating process

Finally, for everyone to introduce the electrophoretic coating line, compared to the traditional artificial painting, automated electrophoresis spray obvious advantages. After the process of car panels and other components of the coating film coating uniform, smooth, corrosion resistance, paint utilization.