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Do you know what should be paid attention to when transporting semi-trailers?

March 8, 2018

Dump trailer needs attention during transportation. If you are a beginner in the dump truck, then have a look at this article. After all, driving a semi-trailer is not a trivial matter. If you are an old driver, you should always pay attention to these issues.

Beginners must first be familiar with the operation of dump semi-trailer, especially long-distance transport. Familiar with the car with the entire process, how to ration, loading and unloading of goods, freight how accounting. It's best to drive your own car, so that you can experience the road conditions, accumulate driving experience, and learn simple repairs and maintenance.

Fuel pump and fuel filter defects are mostly caused by the filter infarction, the pump can not breathe enough fuel, fuel filter may also be blocked, resulting in a lack of pressure on the fuel system.

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Check the vehicle before long-distance transport is required Must check the vehicle's axle screws, drive pumping screws, speakers, lights, tire pressure, which is necessary;

Be careful not to move the steering wheel while driving. Because the body is relatively long, it may roll over if it moves. Turn to pay more attention, try to play spare space, or the tail will not go, but also easily thrown to people, do not use the "first departure brake" approach brake running.

While doing so can relatively reduce the impact on the engine when braking, it can be dangerous, and even worse once you get used to it.