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Fuel Petrol Tanker Trailer for Sale in Guinea

November 4, 2020

Tank trucks are made of many materials, depending on the product to be transported. These materials include aluminum, carbon steel, stainless steel and glass fiber reinforced plastic (FRP).
Because the fuel tank is divided into 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, or in rare cases, there will be more tank compartments, so some tank trucks can transport multiple products at once. This can increase the number of delivery options. These trucks are usually used to transport different grades of gasoline to service stations to deliver all the required products at once.

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Safe driving tips
After ensuring that the tank trailer is in good condition to transport the gas or liquid, observer the following tips for your safety:

Control the surges
We mentioned that liquid surges can cause the trailer to roll over when stepping on the brakes. Some tanks have baffles that control the forward and backwards movements of the liquid.
However, the side to side surges will still occur, which can cause an accident when not controlled. One way to control the liquid surges is to keep the pressure on the brakes steady. Avoid releasing the brakes when stopping the tanker trailer.
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Keep a long stopping distance
The stopping distance is not only important in controlling liquid surges but also for the safety of other motorists on the road. Determine the safest stopping distance depending on the type of the road.

Drive smoothly
Start, reduce speed, and stop the fuel tank trailer smoothly. The center of gravity of most tank trailers is high when loaded. Hence, the level of stability of the trailer is low. Driving smoothly especially when changing lanes or turning the trailer improve its stability.

Avoid skidding
One major cause of accidents and incidents on the road involving trailers is skidding. If you over brake, over steer, or over accelerate, the trailer is likely to skid.
If you notice that the wheels are skidding while driving, move fast to restore normal traction. Failing to act on time may cause the trailer to jackknife, which simply means that the trailer slided towards the front the truck.
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Observe speed limits
Many accidents occur when drivers ignore speed limits. Watch the speed limits on the road and drive within those limits. Avoid the temptation to speed up when the road seems clear.
Check tank trailer
It is important to check the tanker trailer before driving even after following the correct loading procedures. First check the entire trailer to make sure there are no leaks.
Do not drive even if the leak of gas or liquid is small. Check that all manholes and valves are covered. Driving a tanker trailer with the valve open is risky.
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When handling petrol tank trailers, one of the most important safety measures is to follow the correct procedures when loading the tank. Proper loading is important to avoid influx of liquid, which is common when the tank is half full.
When the driver stops the trailer, the liquid in the fuel tank may fluctuate back and forth. The surge tends to push the trailer in the direction of the waves. Such sports are dangerous when skidding