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Goldhofer SPMT Modular Trailer for Sale in Kenya

March 16, 2022

Goldhofer SPMT Modular Trailer for Sale in Kenya

Goldhofer SPMT Modular Trailer for Sale in Kenya


Due to our Kenya customer project requirements, it is now necessary to purchase a 10 axle modular trailer. So found TITAN sales manager Barry and wanted to buy the goldhofer spmt modular trailer.

Modular trailers are commonly used in the chemical industry, power stations, construction industry and in the iron and steel industry. Due to their excellent lateral stability, they can be used for mining operations. These types of vehicles are basically used for the transportation of heavyweight and bulky objects.

Goldhofer modular trailer come in different modular units that include 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8 axle models. The maximum load per axle is up to 40 tons. A larger number of axle lines means that the modular trailer has a higher loading capacity.


Goldhofer SPMT Modular Trailer for Sale in Kenya

Goldhofer SPMT Modular Trailer for Sale in Kenya


Main components of a goldhofer modular trailer

1. Frame

The main girder of frame has a box-type carrying beam structure. The girder uses high-performance welding steel to ensure stability and reliability.

The surface of the main structure should be treated with sand blasting. The thickness of the painting used on the surface should meet the national standards. The brand of the painting used should be among the top brands in the world. All the small-sized parts of the frame should be zinc-plated.

The box-shaped center beam and the stable crossbeams give the frame a high degree of rigidity. Hence, the frame can achieve its optimal loading level. The steering system, air tank, and hydraulic oil tank are all integrated into the bogie frame. Thus, the parts are protected against damage and corrosion.


2. Hydraulic System

The pump in a goldhofer modular trailer uses the hydraulic technique, which is effective in controlling the driving speed.The steering and suspension pumps use the constant pressure controller to realize a quick response whenever they need steering power.

The driving motor switches between driving and follows uses a large torque radial motor. All the hydraulic cylinders in the transporter have anti-block valves, which are important when the pipe line is broken.


Goldhofer SPMT Modular Trailer for Sale in Kenya

Details of Goldhofer SPMT Modular Trailer for Sale


3. The Mechanism of Steering

The steering mechanism consists of the steering central panel, steering orifice plate, steering cylinders, and steering rods.

The steering orifice plate is welded together with the bogie frame. The plate has specific quantities of assembling holes that are used to install steering rods. The positions where steering rods are installed on the steering orifice plate can be changed to suit different combination modes of the modular unit.

The goldhofer spmt modular trailer uses three major steering modes that include the all wheel steering along (over five axle lines), diagonal steering along, and the front-wheel steering mode. The steering rods can be adjusted quickly and easily to suit the desired steering angle.The modular has a hydro-mechanical all-wheel system with a two-circuit system, which ensures that the steering system maintains its functionality even when one or more steering circuit fails.


4. Lifting System

The total lifting length of modular unit’s platform is 600mm. The platform gives a compensation of ±300mm, which is enough compensation for the axial load.

The suspension cylinder is installed as the steer wheel bogie. The two ends of the suspensions have joint bearings, which protect the cylinder from damages.

The hydraulic accumulator provides good cushioning when the modular trailer for sale is unloaded.


Goldhofer SPMT Modular Trailer for Sale in Kenya

Details of Goldhofer SPMT Modular Trailer for Sale


5. Hydraulic Suspension

The individual swing axles in a goldhofer modular trailer consist of the hydraulic suspension, which can be connected to different support circuits.

The purpose of connecting the suspension to different circuits is to ensure that the axles have equal loads. When the axles have equal loads, you are guaranteed of the optimal lengthwise and crosswise leveling even if you are driving on uneven terrain. The equal loads also regulate extreme cross falls.


6. Combination System

All modular units can be combined side-by-side or from end-by-end. A hydraulic link-pin is used to combine modular units end-by-end.

Combining hydraulic and brake pipeline requires fast coupling connectors, which have a high performance level. The electric interfaces use a heavy connector, which is reliable.