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Have you ever seen a special trailer for Terminal container transfer?

September 29, 2017


Usually we can see the skeleton trailers that transport containers,However, this kind of container skeleton trailer is used for road transportation .And in the port, there is a special container skeleton Trailer .Recently, we have exported a special vehicle for container terminal transport .


terminal container chassis

                                                   TITAN TERMINAL CONTAINER CHASSIS

terminal container chassis

                                                 TITAN TERMINAL CONTAINER CHASSIS


At first glance, it seems that this trailer is not very different from the ordinary skeleton trailer, but a closer look shows the difference between the two. Compared to the traditional container skeleton trailer, this container skeleton trailer has many protruding parts.


In fact, the container body of the container transport vehicle is designed to accommodate different sizes and types of container cargo, so that these containers can be conveniently transported to the container terminals of the terminal, so these designs will be available.


These bulges on the trailer body, some for the container loading position markers, and some hand rocker anti-skid block, neither hurt the bottom of the container, but also to effectively fix the container, do not let it sway at will. In container terminals, the transfer vehicles are sometimes connected in series into trains, and the markings on the special vehicles are more favorable for train connection and driving.


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