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How to choose a fuel tanker semi trailer?

June 12, 2020


1. What is an oil tank truck?

Fuel Tank trailers are just a collective term for all this type of diesel tank trailer, and they are called differently in different places, depending on the configuration of the medium being transported. There are petrol trailers, fuel tankers, monoblock trailer tankers, water tank trailers and so on.

It is widely used in the transportation of petroleum, gasoline and its derivatives. A fuel tank truck is a kind of special vehicle. In China, special-purpose vehicles refer to “vehicles with special equipment and special functions that are used to undertake special transport tasks or special operations and other special purposes”, and are in compliance with national safety production regulations. In short, tank trucks are divided into two types: transport oil tankers and add fuel tankers according to different functions.


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2. How to choose a fuel tanker semi trailer?

Buy an oil tanker truck to choose the product that suits you best; buy a practical and affordable car. Here we provide the following suggestions:

(4)The price of oil tankers.

The price of tanker truck is composed of chassis price, modification price and optional equipment. Different chassis, different engines, different national exhaust emissions, different tank volumes, and different indeterminate factors make up the price of the tanker truck.truck. Therefore, when choosing a tanker truck, it is best for the user to communicate with the company's sales staff and share their fuel. The tanker request informs the sales staff that the sales staff will recommend a cheap fuel tanker suitable for the user according to the user's requirements.

(1) The function of the fuel tank truck.

It can be separated into different compartments, our water tank trailer can be divided into 1-7 compartments and can be filled with different oil products and chemicals. The design can realize pumping in and out of the meter, pumping in but not in the meter and pumping out the meter. The tank body is made of carbon steel, stainless steel tanker trailer and aluminum steel. Pot shapes are square, oval, and round. The oil pump uses a self-priming pump and a gear pump. The oil meter uses single-count, double-count, tax-controlled refueling machines. Optional water tanks, European standard cans, subsea valves, etc.


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(2)According to Your own needs.

Choose according to the amount of oil transported and the length of transportation. The general loading capacity is 5-8 tons, and you can choose a large and light truck chassis. The oil capacity is 10-22 tons, and the heavy truck chassis can be selected. Large heavy-duty tank trucks with a fuel capacity of 28 tons or more, which can be transported over long distances, can use heavy trucks or semi-trailers.Our fuel tank semi-trailers have different capacities, 20 cubic meters, 35cbm, 40cbm, 60cbm.


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(3) Band of monoblock trailer.

With years of experience in the production of propane tank trailer, reliable quality, high-cost performance, and enterprises with good competitive advantages in the same industry are the best choice for users.

In addition to the above buying guide, we will also share some precautions when using fuel tank trucks below.

Oil losses can sometimes occur due to negligence on the basic safety requirements needed for operations. With ever-more rapid technological advancements, the detection and correction of oil handling equipment can be streamlined to guarantee transportation safety.

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Efficiency can be enhanced through the use of such technology-based tools and equipment that can help monitor any leakages and failures on the oil-carrying vessels. For preventing oil losses, the following is a list of measures to be taken:

When filling the diesel fuel trailer, it is recommended to strictly control the safe capacity and loading height of the petrol tanker in order to ensure that there are no oil spills or splash;

Filling the oil drum, care should be taken to ensure no oil leaks from the reservoir;

When loading and unloading oil, the remaining oil at the bottom of the tank should be sucked;

Used oil drums and the bottom of every barrel should be cleaned and drained;

In the process of cleaning the oil tank trailer, the remaining oil at the bottom of the tank should be removed.

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