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How to choose a wind turbine blade trailer supplier?

December 8, 2020

How to choose a wind turbine blade trailer supplier?
There are many factors to consider when choosing a blade trailer supplier. Therefore, the company's reputation depends on its ability to meet certain needs and expectations of trailer users in the industry.
Here are some key considerations to consider:

This aspect is very important, especially for wind turbine blades and windmill tower trailers, because their length is very large, up to 62 m.
In such a long design, customers expect to find trailers made of materials with high yield strength. Therefore, the materials used in construction are the key to achieving the required quality.
Generally, it is expected that the trailer should remain intact after operating under heavy loads.

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Delivery time.
In the case of empty and during loading, please read the trailer manual carefully to understand its travel speed specifications.
They usually provide recommended speeds for each trailer in different situations, so they should guide you in understanding whether the trailer is suitable for your operation.
Delivery time is the key, especially when handling many goods. In this case, the driving speed will provide you with everything.

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Customization capabilities.

How can your trailer fully meet your load requirements? View options that can be freely customized according to your transportation needs.
In this way, you will have enough space to complete a large number of tasks without having to use different types of trailers to withstand different loads, which can be an expensive thing.
Moving very large cargo (such as wind turbine blades and towers) is a difficult task. Therefore, you need a trailer that can work for a long time without breaking down or requiring repair.
Sometimes, the distance from the manufacturing plant to the installation site is very long, so a trailer that can run without trouble for a long time is needed.
Check the trailer’s operational guarantees and performance characteristics to determine its reliability.

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Different countries have different laws
The trailer you choose will also be determined by the country/region where you work. Before buying, please pay attention to local regulations regarding road transportation.
Remember that on different wheelbases, different countries/regions have different weights for each axle.
Other considerations defined by the regulations include the maximum length, width and even weight of the trailer. All of this is recorded in different national laws and regulations regarding transportation.
Therefore, they will play a key role in choosing the type of trailer to buy.
Obtain a copy of these regulations and compare them with the features and specifications of the trailer in order to obtain the correct trailer usage.
This will be checked together with all the other qualities that make up a premium trailer. A good trailer supplier will definitely ask you where you want to use the trailer before buying.

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In conclusion
Just like any other type of trailer, the wind turbine blades and windmill tower trailer must be carefully checked before making the final purchase decision.
After determining your needs, you should be able to know the type of trailer you need. However, this is not all you always need.
There are other aspects that need to be considered, including trailer quality, delivery time, customization capabilities and reliability.
With this detailed guide, you can choose between wind turbine blade trailer suppliers found on the market today!