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How to dive the semi trailer successfully ,Semi-trailer driving skills

October 11, 2017

Semi-trailer driving skills


Semi trailers are bulky, especially low flat semi-trailer

Such vehicles, safe driving is very important, the following is the driving skills for some semi trailer safety everyone finishing on the front of the car, turn a circle around the car, car tires, car under the outside environment, there is no oil leakage Water Leakage. Cover the lid once a week, check the oil, cooling water, and brake fluid.



  • One night, when you're driving a long distance in the rain Road, in front of a sudden no rain, you can speed up your speed, that there is no rain in front of the road should be dry, this is not a good judge. Because the front just under the rain will give road area water, if you accelerate, plus night vision is not good, often make the large area ground water splash to your windshield, it will be very dangerous, so we must control the speed driving rain.


  • In the sight of you completely blocks, such as next to the parked car, obstacles blocking the crossroads and so on, we must first slow down, do not have luck, even the lights also prevent a car across the street.


  • When you are at a high speed (90 to 100 kilometers) of the state of high speed driving in non spacious road, the front is very far away, you have found a man holding a child at the roadside, you should slow down, do not think that the road spacious, adult child will not pull ran across the road, this kind of thing has happened the people around, because the driver did not slow down, in the speed to two position, the child suddenly from the adult's hand, directly ran across the road, causing the tragedy.

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  • As far as possible on the premise of safety, avoid obstacles on the road, the experienced driver can determine the height and length of the obstacle from far away, then the decision was taken from the car in between or around obstacles. This is a reminder on the road board, don't try to make the tire pressure to this kind of thing, because wood often with nails, if the high speed of the car to the nail will make the tire burst, danger to vehicles and personnel.


  • Driving on the highway, super car to end and walked back to the lane, not always in the overtaking lane, one of my friends has come because the overtaking lane crash accident. Because if you go over the driveway, you too lazy to play super light and light, make the unit before the car overtaking moves, if not pay attention to the rear of the car, but a road, you will easily cause rear end. So, on the highway (including non highway) for every car, the turn on the lights to play the trumpet, with light and will try to do, every action done, so as to make dynamic front rear or the other driver is easy to judge your car.

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  • Clear the tail lights and check the light equipment. The car on the road driving safety, lighting equipment is a small component, but also can not be ignored, clear and accurate signal to all drivers and passers-by a condition to judge, and now the drivers tend to ignore this, rear steering lamp dirty bad don't care, leading to collision accident

See the above driving skills and you are not the wise remark of an experienced person, how to deal with the highway trailer have a more intuitive understanding? Remember, to control the speed, keep away from the car, the rational use of various signal lights and sounds can help you turn calamities into blessings. Finally I wish you a pleasant driving, May you be safe throughout the journey!