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How to operate detachable gooseneck trailer?

November 25, 2020

The use of a detachable gooseneck low flatbed semi-trailer can realize the separation of the gooseneck and the trailer, and realize the contact between the front end of the vehicle and the ground. After the cargo is loaded, the semi-trailer can be restored to the original transportation state in time

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Operation process and characteristics of mechanical removable gooseneck
1. Operation process of mechanical detachable gooseneck.
In the process of disassembling the gooseneck, the front lead of the trailer must be separated from the traction seat. In the actual operation process, the front part of the gooseneck will slip off, and as the gooseneck is continuously lowered, the bottom corner of the front trailer will gradually approach the ground. After the trailer travels for a period of time, the weight of the trailer will be reduced, and part of the weight will be shared by the front end of the semi trailer wheel for support, but most of the gooseneck trailer is in the cantilever state, which can make the front end of the trailer tend to extend outward. After the disassembly is completed, the retaining ring should be removed and allowed to move forward until the retaining ring can be connected with the connecting plate, so that the pin can be completely separated from the trailer.

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Then, place the retaining ring at the rear of the trailer and connect it with the steel belt. At this time, the rotating handle should be retracted as much as possible and kept in a clockwise direction. The tractor can then move backward, and the gooseneck structure can slide back and forth on the traction plane. Under continuous rotation operation, it can make The convex part of the tooth shape is smoothly separated from the groove. In the process of the tractor moving forward continuously, given that the gooseneck trailer and the tractor seat are connected, the tractor at this time is separated from the gooseneck semi-trailer, and the semi-trailer will be Tend to be tilted.

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After completing the loading of the semi-trailer, the above operations can be reversed and repeated. The tractor can continuously pull the gooseneck trailer backwards, so that the gooseneck finally stops at the front end of the trailer.

At this time, the rocker handle of the trailer can be inserted into the spring position and be continuously bounced to the top position for practice. The tractor can continuously move to the rear, prompting the guide slope on the upper part of the semi-trailer to push the gooseneck boss to its standard position.

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2. With the continuous backward movement of the protruding rod, the latch can rise from the rear and gradually bulge.

The protruding rocker can always be in a prescribed position, and the gooseneck trailers are orthogonally connected as a whole. Subsequently, the gooseneck will be separated from the traction seat and moved forward by the tractor. With the continuous movement of the tractor, the gooseneck will always move repeatedly along the inclined surface. As a result, the sliding of the front end of the gooseneck can prompt the gooseneck to always rotate and move around the protruding rod area. During the whole process, the tooth-shaped protrusion will be inserted into the slot again. The gooseneck can be aligned with the upper, lower, inner and outer sides of the trailer by continuously tilting upwards, downwards or inside and outside, thereby improving the working efficiency of the trailer.