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How to reduce weight for semi trailer?

October 17, 2017

In Europe and other developed countries, the lightweight reasonable price, high value-added goods, in order to pursue higher transport efficiency, based on cargo weight at the same time, the body weight, improve speed, reduce fuel consumption, reduce pollutant emissions purposes. But in the China freight market, low tariffs, low value-added raw material transportation, the overloaded truck products become the kingpin and mainstream choice. In China, lightweight is to reduce the quality of the car body, pull more goods, which makes the quality of lightweight vehicles worrying. So how to carry out "healthy" weight loss for semi trailers?


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1, the selection of vehicles is the premise of lightweight, choose the model is the basis of lightweight, different models in the weight of the gap is very large, only in the selection of the premise of the model, say lightweight is meaningful. For example, in the north to haul heavy coal, pull iron powder is generally used instead of hanging warehouse gate, dump and gooseneck gooseneck, difficult to accept and dump larger weight. Shorten the length of the trailer also contributes to the lightweight. According to a post netizen "the Yi River is so cold", shorten the length of the trailer can effectively lose weight, but only the north coal and iron overloaded vehicles, shorten the length of the trailer trailer body, here we usually do 13 meters long, gradually people began to do 12 meters long some people do, even 11 meters long, a few hundred kilograms to reduce! But also should pay attention to in the body, is short, high loading, high center of gravity of the vehicle is bound to increase the possibility of overturning, especially in the road is not good place, but also pay attention to the national vehicle height limits, be fined.

2, healthy weight reduction trailer parts how to "downsizing" to determine the specific model, the vehicle lightweight implementation of the various components of the vehicle, the following look at the weight of each major part of the trailer.


Crossbeam: using high strength steel

Beam is the most critical part of the trailer, a trailer quality is good or bad, a large part depends on the quality of the beam. At present, the main steel used in the trailer beam is ordinary steel, manganese steel, high strength steel, etc., and the good material can reduce the weight of the trailer under the premise of ensuring the bearing capacity. According to introduction trailer sales, warehouse gate semi-trailer with high strength steel girder than ordinary girder can 1 tons of light, high strength steel welding needs a strict process, difficult, a card in the choice of production trailer manufacturers, to choose a higher level of technology, quality assurance of the manufacturers.

In addition to the use of high strength steel, the bending beam is relatively common in the "T" type beam to light a lot, but according to a trailer manufacturers CIMC staff, bending beam than the traditional beam compared to cheaper, lighter weight, little of this design uses a small Trailer factory.


Suspension: less spring and air suspension


latest company news about How to reduce weight for semi trailer?  1


Hanging lightweight spring plate can also reduce weight, such as the use of 4 plate light weight spring leaf grid semi hanging, compared to ordinary leaf spring can reduce about 100 kilograms. The weight loss effect of air suspension is more obvious. According to the introduction, compared with ordinary spring leaf, the air suspension can reduce about 500 kilograms, and also can save the weight of the bridge attachment.


Tires: vacuum tires, ultra wide vacuum tires


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Vacuum tire is superior to ordinary steel wire in weight loss and heat dissipation. According to the semi trailer manufacturers, the three axle semi-trailer, for example, the whole car 12 sets of 11.00R20 ordinary steel wire for 12R22.5 vacuum tires, light energy about 240 kilograms..


The advantages of ultra wide vacuum tires in weight loss are more obvious. The 3 axle for example, shuangqian ordinary steel wire tire (11.00R20) and the hub weight is 120kg x12 =1440kg, shuangqian ultra wide vacuum tire (425/65R22.5) and the hub weight is 144Kg X6 =864kg, 576kg super wide light vacuum tire than ordinary steel wire tire.

Because the extra wide vacuum tire three shaft needs to make the lengthened shaft, the three axle weight will increase by about 40kg. In general, ultra wide vacuum tires can reduce weight by about 500kg compared to ordinary tires. But in terms of bearing capacity, ultra wide vacuum tire relative to ordinary steel twin bearing capacity is relatively low, the general standard load is no problem, must not be seriously overloaded.

Wheel hub: aluminum alloy wheel hub

Ordinary steel wheel weight is generally about 50kg, aluminum alloy wheel is generally about 25kg, compared to steel wheel light about half. Take the three axle semi-trailer as an example, the light 12 sets of x25kg is about 300kg. If the aluminum alloy wheel with ultra wide single tire weight loss effect will be more obvious.

Axle: use high quality axle