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How to repair dump truck

June 11, 2020


To learn how to drive, you must first learn to repair a dump truck, but there are many things you should pay attention to when you repair a semi dump trailers. Do you know? Huge safety hazards are often hidden infrequent maintenance work. Today we will briefly list these things.
Tighten the screws to prevent cruel operation

Many people worry about whether they are installed securely when installing tires or tightening goods, and then stepping on crowbars to reinforce them, but the feet are easy to slip, but tools such as crowbars will rebound and hurt people. Don't push hard, so the chance of a rebound is greater.

Correct method: Use special tools whenever possible to ensure safe operation. Do not use the step tool.


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Potential killer of tyre bulging

Tyre bulging is very dangerous, especially on the front wheels. If the tire bursts due to bulging, it may cause an accident and even be more dangerous on the highway. Therefore, if a photoconductor kit is found during inspection, it should be replaced in time.

At the same time, many side tipper trailer drivers often get out of the vehicle when checking tire pressure during driving, and use a crowbar to hit the tire to determine whether the tire pressure is normal. At this time, because the wheel temperature is high, the tire pressure is high, and the crowbar hits the tire. The risk of leaks is high, and the pressure on truck tires is usually high. Once the A tire is greatly impacted, if the tire is inflated, once it is impacted, it is more likely to cause the A tire, and the damage caused is also very common.

Correct method: If you find that the tire is bulging, replace it immediately. Check the tire pressure with a dedicated barometer.
The tractor tipper trailer's cab must be lifted to the designated position

At the same time, during vehicle engine maintenance, it is often necessary to flip the cab up, but remember to lift the cab to the end. Otherwise, the locking device will not be activated and the cab will be subject to other external forces. It may fall, causing great damage to maintenance personnel.
The right way: Check and make sure the cab is lifted into place.


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Pay attention to truck maintenance

The regular maintenance of the engine is very important. Many professional maintenance masters said that among the rear tipping trailer they repaired, the failures caused by poor engine maintenance accounted for 50% of the total failures.

It can be seen that engine maintenance can play a vital role in extending vehicle life.

There are still many potential safety hazards during dump truck inspection and maintenance. The above is only part of the list. Many of these occur during vehicle inspections and maintenance. Therefore, most truck drivers should increase safety awareness and avoid injuries.
Some parts cannot be dismantled at will

With the increasing popularity of electronically controlled engines, proper maintenance of electronically controlled engines is very important. However, when the engine is operating, it is forbidden to remove all oil pipe joints on the high pressure side, such as high pressure oil pipes, common rail oil pipes, etc.

The pressure of the common rail tubing is high. Before disassembling, be sure to stop the engine and wait for the pressure to be released. When the high pressure common rail diesel engine is running, its fuel pressure is very high.

Correct method: After shutting down the engine, wait for a while and wait for the pressure to be completely released before disassembling and repairing.
Check the dumper trailer brake pads in time

Braking can be said to be the most important part of the entire vehicle, and if it is out of control, it can easily cause a traffic accident.

Generally, the brake pads need to be replaced at 30,000 to 40,000 kilometers, and the brake discs must be replaced at 60,000 to 70,000 kilometers. The specific needs to be determined according to the driver's use and maintenance.

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