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Knowledge of stake cargo trailer parts

June 2, 2020

Stake cargo trailers are usually used to transport heavy goods. Support devices, walking systems, braking systems, and towing pins are all major accessories of stake trailers. In addition to the trailer body, the quality of the accessories has a great impact on the safety and economy of the entire cargo trailer.

Below we will introduce you to the knowledge of livestock trailer parts such as landing gear, wheels, and tractor pins.

Landing gear of stake cargo trailer:

Side wall trailer support device, commonly known as the landing leg. It is located at the front of the cargo trailer frame and is used after the trailer is separated from the tractor.

The main parts of the outrigger are two-speed gearbox, support sleeve, support rod, transmission screw and support disc. The structure is very simple and the function is very important.


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Type of landing legs

Single-action landing gear are operated independently on both sides, with two rocking handles, and each stake cargo trailer landing leg has a gearbox.

The linkage outrigger is operated from one side to the other and has only one handle, which is composed of a gearbox and a gearless gearbox.

Note on operating stake trailer:

1. You can use slow gear or fast gear when no load, but it is forbidden to use fast gear when heavy load.

2. When disconnecting from the tractor, pay attention to whether the ground is flat, and if necessary, pad under the support plate to ensure that the support surface is basically the same level.

3. When the landing gears are retracted, be sure to retract the handle to prevent damage to the outriggers when walking.


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The lifting leg is composed of a supporting plate, a supporting leg, a transmission mechanism, a speed change mechanism, a transmission rod and a handle, etc.

When the tractor is separated from the semi-trailer, it is used to support the drop side trailer.

In order to adapt to the change of the height of the stake cargo trailer, a spiral lifting mechanism is installed in the outrigger, so that the coupling and disengagement of the semi-trailer and the tractor can be carried out smoothly. Height rise and fall are divided into two speeds.

When the handle enters, it rotates at a high speed, and when the handle is pulled out, it moves at a low speed. When the support plate contacts the ground, the outriggers bear the load. At this time, the low-speed gear can only be used to lift, otherwise the outrigger lifting mechanism will be damaged.

Maintenance matters:

1. Always check the tightening of bolts to prevent loosening and loss of support.

2. After using for one year or 30,000 kilometers, pay attention to adding grease to ensure the normal use of gear parts.

Tractor Pin:

The high side trailer and the tractor are all connected by it. It is connected to the traction seat of the main trailer stakes and also bears all the traction. It is an important component.

At present, the traction pins on the market are mainly divided into 4 types, assembly 50, assembly 90, welding 50, welding 90, users can choose according to different models and actual use.



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Wheel hub of dropside trailer

The steel ring is also called the wheel hub, it is an important part of the general cargo trailers.

The tire is the rubber part of the entire tire. It is soft in itself, so the inner part of the tire supporting the tire is a barrel-shaped, centered on the shaft. The part is called the grain hopper wheel hub.


Maintenance method of wheel:

1. When the temperature of the steel ring is high, it should be allowed to cool naturally before cleaning. Never use cold water to clean it. Otherwise, the aluminum alloy wheels will be damaged, and even the brake discs will be deformed to affect the braking effect.

In addition, cleaning the grain trailer wheel with detergent at high temperature will cause chemical reaction on the surface of the wheel, tarnishing, and affect the appearance.

2. When the steel ring is stained with hard-to-remove asphalt, if the general cleaning agent is useless, you can try to remove it with a brush, but do not use an excessively hard brush, especially an iron brush, so as not to damage the surface of the wheel.

3. If the drop sided trailer is wet, the wheel should be cleaned frequently to avoid corrosion of the aluminum surface by salt.

4. After cleaning if necessary, the steel ring can be waxed and maintained to keep its luster forever.




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