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More than eight Tire enterprise Announced October price rise

October 13, 2017

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According to reporter statistics, in September 2017 a total of more than 60 domestic tire enterprises announced price increases. Recently, due to environmental protection reasons, enterprises operating rate is insufficient, carbon black, additives and other tire production required raw materials tight prices, tire prices tide officially spread to October.

ZhengXin tire, upregulation of PCR/LTR following the September prices of some products, since October 1st, the LTR product prices rise again 2%-3%. Since October 1st, Cooper Tire's Dean tire supply all the products price rose 2%-5%. Among them, the A210 pattern of 12R22.5 specification tires, prices rise in November 15th. Since October 5th, Anshan Volkswagen tire butyl tire products, based on the original price, up 3%. Wanli tire announced that since October 13th, the company's all brands of truck tire price increase of 3%-5% addition, since October 1st, Dalian tire tire products Part 3% of the abolition of promotion policy; its Leo brand Linglong tires all products, exquisite, 17 inches and above winter tires and accessories 16 specifications of invoice price by 2%. Qingdao Tongda rubber began in October 10th, the tire price of all specifications increased by 10%. Michelin tire announced that due to the rising prices of raw materials, tire manufacturing costs increase, recently decided to adjust the price of commercial vehicle tire. In the United States market, since October 1st, HANKOOK tire commercial vehicle tire prices increased by 3.5%; triangle tire sales in the United States all tire products, the price increased by 6%.