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Petrol Tanker Trailer for Sale in Guyana

September 22, 2020

TITAN tanker trailer adopt advanced design concept. We can customized the tankers for you according to your request. And we TITAN offer carbon steel, stainless steel or aluminum material tanker trailers. To fabric the most durable tankers, especially for Africa Market, considering the road condition. This distortion resistance, earthquake resistance and bump, make your transport safety, also beneficial.
The volume of the fuel tankers transport semi-trailer can be customized, to reach 40,000 litres, 45,000 litres, 54,000 litres, up to 90,000 litres. With the different compartments, like two, three, four, or more compartments, to load different liquid. The liquid tanker semi trailer used for carrying different liquid like fuel, petrol, water, palm oil, bitumen asphalt etc.

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Petrol Tanker Trailer for Sale


Some tips to avoid being in danger when driving a petrol tanker traielr:

Check tank trailer
It is important to check the tanker trailer before driving even after following the correct loading procedures. First check the entire trailer to make sure there are no leaks.
Do not drive even if the leak of gas or liquid is small. Check that all manholes and valves are covered. Driving a tanker trailer with the valve open is risky.
During regular maintenance service, inspections must be performed. However, it is important to recheck the parts before loading new cargo.


When handling tank trailers, one of the most important safety measures is to follow the correct procedures when loading the tank. Proper loading is important to avoid influx of liquid, which is common when the tank is half full.
When the driver stops the trailer, the liquid in the fuel tank may fluctuate back and forth. The surge tends to push the trailer in the direction of the waves. Such sports are dangerous when skidding
Considering the risk of liquid influx, it is important to ensure that the weight of the liquid is evenly distributed for different storage tanks. In addition, the driver must leave enough space for the liquid to expand.

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Keep a long stopping distance
The stopping distance is not only important in controlling liquid surges but also for the safety of other motorists on the road. Determine the safest stopping distance depending on the type of the road.
For instance, you need to double the normal stopping distance when driving on wet roads. Consider the weight of the tank trailer as well. An empty tank trailer is lighter and normally takes a longer time to stop than a fully loaded tank trailer. Hence, you need to increase the stopping distance when the tank empty.

Tank trailers are designed to carry different types of fuel and motor oil. Each of these tank trailers has a specific manufacturing process, especially for the oil tank. The main body and internal structure of the storage tank are designed according to the type of goods. Steel and aluminum alloys are commonly used to make the body of tank trailers.

select and maintain the correct tank trailer model
Due to the risks involved, it is very important to select and maintain the correct tank trailer model. Oil tank trailers carry dangerous gases and liquids harmful to human health. In case of leakage, some liquids may explode and cause loss of life. Therefore, you must insist on buying tank trailers that follow the correct manufacturing process.
Before buying a tank trailer, you must check it carefully. An inspection must also be carried out before loading or transporting any goods in a trailer. Some of the most important components include cylinders or tanks, welded joints, valves and pressure gauges. The operator of the tank trailer must use the correct loading process, that is, load on the top for safety. In addition, the operator must drive the tank trailer smoothly, especially on wet roads, to avoid accidents. When driving at high speeds, especially in corners and near corners, the loaded trailer is likely to tip over.

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If you follow these guides, you can buy a high-quality tank trailer, which will endanger the lives of your workers or road users. The most important thing is to check the components and make sure you buy from a certified supplier. The right supplier should comply with the safety standards and requirements of your country/region to customize your tank trailer. Always check the body, tires, joints and valves in accordance with regular maintenance procedures to keep the tank trailer in good condition.