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Precautions for using dry bulk tanker trailer

May 28, 2020

After the first load or two weeks after the first drive, the tightening of all bolts and nuts connected to the tire bolts, suspension system, and main and auxiliary frames must be checked to ensure that the specified torque is reached.

1. It is forbidden to use the air compressor at a low or high speed during normal unloading. The air compressor speed is controlled at 900 ~ 950 rpm (or the rated speed according to the air compressor instruction manual).

2. The rated working pressure is 0.2MPa, and the user's maximum working pressure is not allowed to exceed 0.22MPa; if an external air source is used, the maximum pressure range is 0.2 ~ 0.25MPa, if it is greater than 0.25MPa, a pressure reducing valve needs to be installed on the external air source pipeline .

3. It is forbidden for the air compressor to work over time.

Generally, the rated working time of the single cylinder air compressor is 1 hour, and the rated working time of the double cylinder air compressor is 2 hours. If the discharge cannot be completed within this rated working time, please temporarily stop and cool for 20 minutes before starting the air compressor.

4. If the working pressure, conveying distance and conveying materials are beyond the above range, it should be clearly stated before signing the contract and indicated in the contract. Our company will give targeted suggestions and product design.

5. Please clean the dust accumulation inside and outside the manhole cover frequently, especially the dust accumulation on the flange surface and the inner chute, otherwise it will easily leak air and the switch will not be flexible.

6. When there is residual pressure in the tank, it is strictly forbidden to open the feed inlet (manhole cover).

When the dry bulk tanker trailer is not in use

1. Before the powder tanker is idle, the materials in the tank must be unloaded to ensure that the tank is dry (the butterfly valve should be fully open or fully closed).

2. Open the water drain valve at the bottom of the air storage cylinder (air storage bridge) to drain the internal water.

Maintenance of powder tank truck

1. During maintenance (or entrust a repair station, repair shop, etc. for maintenance), it must be carried out according to the instructions, otherwise quality problems or accidents caused by improper maintenance.

2. Inject the grease-lubricated parts of the whole vehicle once before the operation of the new silo semi trailer, at least twice in the first month.

3. After each disassembly and assembly of the traction pin and wheel, the tightening of the traction pin bolt and the vehicle nut must be checked to ensure that the specified torque is reached.

4. Air compressors must be replaced with oil (general diesel engine oil) after half a month of use or 15 hours of cumulative work, and the oil should be replaced every three months or 120 hours of use; the air filter must be cleaned once 24 hours of cumulative work. The filter element needs to be replaced after working for 120 hours.

5. Regularly keep the inside and outside of the tank clean, and clean up the ash deposits on the top of the tank in time to prevent corrosion of the tank. If corrosion is found, maintain it in time.

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