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Semi Low Loader Trailer for Sale in Malawi

October 28, 2020

Application and advantages of low loader trailer
Application field
Low loader trailers are used to transport heavy objects in different industries. This is the most common use for heavy trailers.
Heavy vehicles: Vehicle manufacturers use low bed trailers to transport heavy vehicles from one showroom to another. Transportation vehicles are used to move vehicles from ports to showrooms and sometimes to customers.
Some of the heavy vehicles transported by low bed trailers include buses, tractors and special vehicles. The low bed trailer can simultaneously transport piles of small vehicles.

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Rail vehicles:

There are different categories of rail vehicles, including road rail vehicles, trucks, locomotives and trams.
The common feature of these vehicles is that they are bulky. Low-floor trailers are one of the best ways to transport railway vehicles.
Mining machinery: Mining requires heavy machinery to drill and transport materials including crude oil and minerals. The machinery is assembled off-site and then transported to the mining site using low bed trailers.
Heavy transport vehicles are preferred because of the structure of mining machinery. Mining equipment may be the heaviest cargo that machinery manufacturers transport on the road.

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Forestry machinery:

Forestry also uses heavy machinery. Heavy equipment is needed to cut and transport logs. Sometimes, logs are processed on-site into timber and other by-products before the products are shipped.
The machinery is manufactured in the assembly shop or can be imported before being transported to the forest. Low bed trailers are used to move forestry machinery from components to the forest.
The wheels of the trailer can drive on the rough terrain of the forest. Low bed trailers are also used to move forestry machinery from one forest to another or back to the auditorium after the project is completed.

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Agricultural machinery:

Agriculture is another area where heavy machinery is used. The machine is mainly used for large-scale agriculture. Such large farms are located far away from towns.
The main agricultural machinery transported by low-floor trailers include loaders, excavators, bulldozers, cranes and pavers. Heavy-duty trailers can sail through muddy agricultural farms and transfer machinery from one farm to another.

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Low loader trailers are also used in the construction industry. Heavy vehicles are usually used in the construction of roads and bridges.
Certain construction equipment and blocks cannot be transported by ordinary semi-trailers. Low-bed trailers are used to transport concrete blocks to the construction site.

The block is not only heavy, but also large. Construction workers use trailers to transport bulk materials such as cement and beams