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Something you should know before buy a cement truck trailer

February 7, 2021

Advantageous use - cement truck trailer

1. Transportation materials - cement silo trailer: fly ash, cement, lime powder, ore powder, etc. At the same time, according to the characteristics of various materials, the internal structure is specially designed to ensure the transportation efficiency.

2. Material loading and unloading - silo semi trailer: convenient gravity loading at the top, quick unloading of high-pressure pipelines, less remaining material in the tank, effectively reducing loading and unloading time.

3. Transportation environment - silo semi-trailer: flat roads, mountain roads, hills, dirt roads, etc.

4. Target group - cement truck trailer: It is mainly used for the logistics system of engineering construction, long-distance freight, transfer station, and professional powder material transportation.

Something you should know before buy a cement truck trailer

3 axle cement truck trailer ready for shipment

Safe operation rules for unloading cement truck trailer

1. Before opening the material inlet each time, the pressure relief valve and the ball valve of the air inlet pipe must be opened, and the material cover should be opened after the remaining air in the tank is removed to avoid injury.

2. Always pay attention to whether the pressure gauge is working properly, and strictly prevent the pressure gauge from malfunctioning, overpressure, and leaking of the tank body.

3. Check the safety valve frequently to ensure that the pressure is released at 0.2Mpa, and the pressure in the tank must not exceed 0.2Mpa.

cement silo trailer

4. Frequently check whether the operating table is working properly, so as not to damage the air compressor and power take-off (specifically refers to the powder tank bicycle).

5. Always listen to the rotating sound of the power take-off and the air compressor. If there is an abnormal noise, stop the machine immediately to eliminate the fault.

silo semi trailer

Maintenance and maintenance of cement truck trailer

1. Car chassis of the cement truck trailer: According to the specifications of the selected car chassis manual.

2. Air compressor of the cement silo trailer: According to the air compressor manual.

3. Power take-off of the silo semi trailer: always pay attention to regularly check its lubrication and operating conditions. If there is any abnormal noise, find out the cause and eliminate it in time. Check the gear seizure and wear condition once a year, and do not run over speed.

silo semi-trailer

4. Air circuit of the silo semi-trailer: Check the sealing condition frequently, and remove the air leakage in time; check the working condition of each valve frequently, repair or replace if it fails; the safety valve should be opened when the pressure is 0.2Mpa, and the pressure in the tank should not be increased More than 0.2Mpa.

5. Tank body of the cement truck trailer: Regularly check the tank body weld seam for air leakage. If this phenomenon is found, repair welding should be carried out in time.

6. Tank air chamber of the cement silo trailer: Check the air chamber canvas frequently. If it is damp, impermeable or damaged, it should be replaced in time; check whether the air chamber bead is compacted. If there is air leakage, it will affect the unloading effect and should be eliminated in time.