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Tipper Semi Trailer for Sale in Guinea

October 26, 2020

Tipper semi trailers are suitable for transporting bulk cargo, such as coal, ore and construction materials. Dump semi-trailers can be divided into two categories according to their uses: a heavy-duty and super-heavy dump trailer for off-road transportation is mainly used for transportation tasks such as large-scale mines and engineering, and is usually used in conjunction with excavators.

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Tipper Semi Trailer for Sale in Guinea

Tips to know when driving a tipper trailer:
1. During the full-load lifting process, do not suddenly push the lifting handle to the "down position".
If this operation error occurs, the car will suddenly drop, which will cause a great impact on the frame and even cause an accident. Therefore, the above operations should be avoided as much as possible. If there are special circumstances, you must be careful. Reduce the landing speed as much as possible. You must avoid suddenly dropping the pen holder to the end.

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2. After the dump truck unloads the cargo, the power take-off must be disconnected to make the dump truck trailer feasible.
If this operation error occurs, when the semi-dump trailer is running, because the power take-off is in the "engaged" position, the lift oil pump will run at a high speed without load for a long time in the "small cycle" state. . As a result, the temperature of the hydraulic oil rises rapidly, which can easily damage the oil seal of the oil pump and even cause the “burning” phenomenon of the oil pump; more serious is that the operation of the oil pump means that the hydraulic system has a power source, and the engine room can easily rise automatically during a driving accident. Up.
3. Do not use the emergency brake to unload.

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Due to the huge inertia force of driving forward suddenly, it is easy to cause permanent deformation of the frame, welding of the frame and sub-frame, fuel pump burning or sealing ring damage, hydraulic cylinder damage, etc. Rollover accident. Therefore, dump trailers are generally prohibited from driving while lifting.
4. During driving, the power take-off must not be in the "connected" position.

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Maintenance knowledge
1. After mentioning the new dump truck, it must be refueled for the first time. This is to check whether the fuel gauge of the new dump trailer is correct.
2. Considering the economy of the vehicle, there is no need to refuel in the future except for the first use. Usually, it can be increased to 2/3. You know, the full capacity of the fuel tank is almost the same as that of an adult.
3. The best time to refuel is in the morning, especially in the hot summer, to avoid a large amount of gasoline in the fuel tank, thereby reducing the refueling time. When the indicator light of the fuel gauge lights up, fuel should be added immediately. Otherwise, because there is too little diesel in the fuel tank to dissipate the heat from the diesel pump, the diesel pump may burn.

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Competitive advantages
1. The main frame of the frame is Q345B high-strength structural steel, automatic beam full submerged arc welding and other cross-sectional main truss structures to achieve the best bearing effect
2. Well-known brand axles, suspension systems, high performance, reliable use, to ensure good performance of the vehicle
3. TITAN tipper trailer is equipped with HYVA cylinder, which is more reliable and safer
4. The full set of braking and electrical systems at home and abroad are in accordance with ISO standards, with optional ABS system, braking and lighting are absolutely safe and reliable.
5. We provide a variety of customization options for dump semi-trailers.