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Trailer classification axis is hanging or semi-hung?

February 5, 2018

Axle trailer is a trailer or semi-trailer The answer is a bit surprising - the center trailer is neither a trailer nor a semi-trailer, which itself is a category that is to say, the trailer is divided into three categories.

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● Semi-trailer does not articulated structure with the main car to carry the weight

In popular language, it is the trailer that carries the goods together with the tractor and its own weight. If it is more popular, the wheelbarrow cart closer to the characteristics of the semi-trailer, it carries a considerable amount of time when the goods need to take the cart.

● largest share of the status quo semi-trailer but just hanging promotion

First of all, compared with the truck, the semi-trailer can transport more goods at a time. Secondly, compared with the trailer, the semi-trailer has good stability at high speed, easy matching of the main frame and less difficulty in driving (mainly reversing) , But also the most critical point, according to the current national regulations, semi-trailer is the only train can drive on the highway. Therefore, rapid development in China now occupies the majority of domestic road transport and occupies a larger share in long-distance road transport.

The number of semitrailers is particularly large, with the exception of some of their own specific categories (such as concave beam semitrailers), most types of trucks or special vehicles have the function of the same semi-trailer. Such as flatbed, van, warehouse car, dump truck, as well as tanker trucks, mixers, concrete pump trucks, power trucks and other special transport vehicles or work vehicles. And compared to a single truck or special car, the corresponding type of semi-trailer can often provide greater capacity or operating efficiency.

On the semi-trailer, the hottest word in recent days is "hanging out." In my opinion, compared with the transport modes of trucks and other trailers and center-trailers, the "hang-off" is the nirvana of semitrailers, which is also the main mode of operation for semi-trailers in Europe and America. However, in China, apart from the logistics companies that have been gradually promoting the rejection of transportation, the relationship between semitrailers and trucks is just like that of articulated buses and ordinary buses, but the capacity is larger.

However, for large logistics companies, hanging off transport has been greatly popularized, and received very good results.

After the tractor delivers a trailer to its destination, disconnect the trailer and immediately drive another loaded trailer to another destination. The whole process does not need to wait for loading and unloading cargo tractor, to achieve continuous operation.

Drop-hang transport increased the turnover of tractors on the one hand, and on the other hand, it saved valuable storage space as trailers can act as temporary warehouses before being pulled away by tractor trucks.