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Trailer tires made positioning? Easily neglected details

January 29, 2018

How to prolong the service life of tires, saving money is the topic of mutual interest. Now serious overload is not much, but the abnormal wear of the tire will reduce tire life. One of the main motor tyres compared commonly care about, do dynamic balance and orientation. But actually semi-trailer tire sometimes needs to be done on location.

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Abnormal low trailer tyre wear for many reasons


Due to the trailer tires don't turn, don't drive, can carry a total of only. So the cause of trailer abnormal tyre wear is straightforward. Trailer in the process of manufacturing the frame of the parallel degree of symmetry, the distortion of the frame rate of the installation of the suspension, axle is qualified and install correctly, debugging is qualified and so on all may cause the cause of the trailer for tyres.


Concrete pavement and asphalt pavement anti-skid faster than ordinary asphalt in the face of tires, different decorative pattern and degree of old and new tyres, orange, not timely transposition, timely tyre transposition can increase mileage. Pay attention to the maintenance of tie rod, especially the new trailer for the first time in cargo or run for a period of time be sure to check u-bolt and pull rod.


Pay attention to the maintenance of the tire, often transposition of tires on a regular basis, can make the tyre wear more evenly, can effectively prolong the service life of tires. Without according to the standard air pressure filling is one of the main reasons for abnormal tyre wear, low air pressure, tire to bend, to produce "bridge effect", tire edge serious wear and tear; Central air pressure is high, the tyre tread wear was accelerated.

Low trailer tires positioning and axle correction

If there are above the normal notice, trailer tires or abnormal wear and tear, you need to do the correction of the positioning and axle of the trailer tyres.


On one side of the front axle is not parallel, wheelbase is bigger than the other side, more than the standard. Front axle parallel, but the centerline. Show the wheelbase error is not big, but diagonal error is bigger. Leaf spring installation dislocation, semi adverse impact vibration in the process of driving, also can cause the abnormal wear of the tire. Wheel screw fastening, wheel hub bearing loose loose kuang, suspension and tires on the road in swinging, causing the abnormal wear of the tire.


Pay attention to do the trailer tires positioning, can reduce abnormal wear and tear, can also reduce fuel consumption and tire fever.


Positioning device on the wheels and the front reflector, measuring perpendicularity, parallelism and direction of each axle and then to adjust according to need.