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Transport Vehicle for Wind Blades-Wind Blade Trailer for Sale in Vietnam

December 24, 2020

Wind energy is one of the cleanest renewable energy sources in nature, and it has received more and more attention from countries all over the world. China’s strategic development of new energy has focused on vigorously developing wind power generation. Since 2008, domestic wind power construction has reached an intense level.

The vigorous investment and construction of wind power generation in the national market has also driven the wind blade and blade transportation industry, an alternative large-scale transportation industry. The trailers used for the transportation of wind blades generally include ordinary extendable blade transport trailers, axial wind blade transport semi trailers and lift type wind blade trailer.

The length of the wind blade is at least 30 meters, so the above-mentioned transportation method cannot be used in mountainous areas. What should we do?

Wind Blade Trailer for Sale in Vietnam

Wind blade trailer includes ordinary extendable blade transport trailers, wind blade transport trailers, and lift-type wind blade trailers, etc.

①Ordinary extendable wind blade transport trailers are a bit similar to lowbed transport vehicles, but the girder adopts a buckle box design. The girder is pulled to adjust the length of the trailer to adapt to the transportation of wind blades of different lengths. It is understood that the current domestic pumping The pull-type wind blade transport trailer can be up to 50 meters long.

②The biggest difference between the wind blade transport trailer and the ordinary extendable wind blade transporter trailer is that the chassis adopts a hydraulic axis design, which makes the wind blade vehicle's cargo deck lower and steering more flexible.

③Lifting blade transport trailer refers to a blade transport trailer equipped with a hydraulic lifting device, which is mainly aimed at the transportation of blades in mountainous areas. In the case of flat roads, the blades are transported flat. In the case of extremely small turning radius in mountainous areas, lift the height of the items carried by the lifting device (usually 5-10 meters), shorten the length of the vehicle and bypass obstacles.

Wind Blade Trailer for Sale in Vietnam

Wind blade trailers, 35m, 42m, 45m, 56m hydraulic steering wind equipment transporter, 16m-17.5m extendable lowbed trailer. Mountain blade transport tooling. The wind blade trailer, the 35-meter wind blade trailer, as the name implies, is a vehicle used to transport wind blades. The biggest feature of the wind blade trailer is the super long and longitudinal telescopic function. The super long model greatly increases the difficulty of turning. In order to overcome the difficulty of driving in curves, the wind blade trailer is generally equipped with a hydraulic steering system.

The extendable trailer can be up to 64 meters long, three-axis balanced, remote-controlled power steering, and a mass balance block is installed between the front and rear leaf springs, which can change the deflection of the front and rear leaf springs by the same amount. Power balance, etc.

Due to the length of the cargo itself, it greatly increases the difficulty of turning. In order to overcome the difficulty of driving in the curve, the rear axle is used, and the rear axle is used with the power station. At the same time, considering the stability requirements of the cargo, the rear axle is also developed by ourselves The suspension system cleverly solves the foreseeable difficulties in loading.

Wind Blade Trailer for Sale in Vietnam

Recently, we saw a trailer specially designed for transporting wind blades, which solved the problem of transportation in the mountainous areas of wind blades. It is different from the transportation on the car, which is similar to holding a big sword. , The wind blade can be moved up and down, left and right in different directions, so as to avoid various obstacles on the mountain road to meet the needs of wind blade transportation.

● Low center of gravity on the fixed base of the blades to ensure safety

Today we are going to tell you about the wind blade trailer truck, which is different from the picture above. It is set backward to make this wind blade trailer shorter, which is conducive to driving in mountainous areas; special-person operation is conducive to improving safety.

Different from the conventional wind blade transport vehicle, this wind blade transport trailer has a very short length, which is also to satisfy that the vehicle can normally run on mountain roads. You can think of it as a crane, with its walking part on the bottom and a turret on the top. The wind blades are like the boom of this crane.

The wind blades to be transported are fixed on the vehicle by bolts, and the wind blades and the base are firmly integrated. During the transportation process, the wind blades can move up and down, left and right, without danger.

Wind Blade Trailer for Sale in Vietnam

In order to ensure that the center of gravity is unstable when the blade is displaced, the back of the base can prevent counterweights to achieve the balance of the entire vehicle. The counterweights can be flexibly added according to the weight of the blades.

The trailer is equipped with 275/70R22.5 size tires, the purpose is to reduce the height of the entire vehicle, not only more convenient when loading and unloading, the lower height also ensures the stability of the vehicle during operation.

Wind Blade Trailer for Sale in Vietnam

● Inspired by cranes, air conditioning improves comfort

The adapter is fixed on the trailer, and the hydraulic motor drives the gear fixed under the adapter to realize the rotation of the entire base. The adapter can theoretically realize a 360-degree rotation.

With such a long blade, if the force generated by the front wind is very scary, if it is held high, it is very likely to overturn the transport vehicle. To solve this problem, the base can rotate along the axis of the blade under the premise of satisfying the lifting requirement, so that the windward side of the blade is always on the side with the smallest area.