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Tri Axle 40cbm Bulk Cement Tanker Truck Trailer for Sale in Guinea

May 19, 2022

Tri Axle 40cbm Bulk Cement Tanker Truck Trailer for Sale in Guinea

Tri Axle 40cbm Bulk Cement Tanker Truck Trailer for Sale in Guinea


Guinea customer found us on Alibaba, the customer wants to transport fly ash because the TITAN 40cbm bulk cement tanker trailer tank body adopts advanced welding technology, single-sided welding and double-sided forming. There will be no open welding phenomenon, and the tank can be used for more than ten years. So customers choose TITAN.

Moreover, our sales manager Annie answered a lot of questions for customers, and customers are very grateful for Annie's help. After the end of production, a water filling test, pressure test and metal flaw detection test will be carried out to ensure the airtightness of the tri axle bulk cement tanker. Clients are very satisfied with this, which ensures safety.


Tri Axle 40cbm Bulk Cement Tanker Truck Trailer for Sale in Guinea

Tri Axle 40cbm Bulk Cement Tanker Truck Trailer for Sale in Guinea


Why is the quality of tri axle cement tanker for sale by TITAN so good? Today I will show the production process and technology of TITAN 40cbm bulk cement tanker trailer.


1. Modern computer-aided design, longer service life

TITAN bulk cement tanker body uses a three-dimensional design. Three-dimensional design refers to the use of a computer to represent the actual shape of a product as a three-dimensional model. In this way, the three-dimensional model can contain more actual structural features, which can truly reflect the construction and processing of the actual product by simulating the product.

At the same time, using CAE force analysis, using computer-aided analysis of the structural mechanical properties of the tank body, and optimize the structural performance, so that the entire tank body force is more reasonable, so that the tank body can have a longer service life.


2. The exterior of the tank is beautiful and practical

After the design of the tank is completed, the following is the actual manufacturing work. TITAN adopts laser cutting, which can improve the precision to 0.01mm. The mirror cut is formed at one time, which can reduce the hot melt area of ​​the cutting as much as possible, so that the steel plate elements are unchanged, the rigidity will not be lost and the stress concentration will not occur.

Then, it is controlled by an automatic numerical control plate rolling machine, the cylinder body is formed at one time, the inside of the plate will not be damaged, and the forming quality is stable and reliable.

Next is the welding work. A good welding process can not only keep the weld of the tank beautiful, but also ensure that there is no concentrated stress at the weld of the steel plate, and maintain the strength of the steel plate of the tank.

The tank body of 40cbm bulk cement tanker adopts an automatic welding process and is welded on one side and formed on both sides, so that the tank body has better strength.


Tri Axle 40cbm Bulk Cement Tanker Truck Trailer for Sale in Guinea

Tri Axle 40cbm Bulk Cement Tanker Truck Trailer for Sale in Guinea


3. The interior design of the tank should be professional

Next, let's look at the design structure of the fluidized bed inside the tank.

The inclination angle of the barrel and side slide of cement tanker truck trailer is greater than 2-3 degrees compared with other tanks in the same industry. This can improve the fluidity of the materials, reduce the residual amount of materials inside the tank and unload the materials as soon as possible. It can reach 1.5 tons per minute.

The discharge port of the cement tank body also adopts an enlarged design, which can ensure that the material can be supplied adequately when discharging, and the material can be discharged at the fastest speed. Moreover, the reinforced support of the discharge pipe, using the triangular stability principle, can ensure that During the unloading process, the pipeline has no displacement and has the best stability.


4. Painting process and environmental protection are very important

After the external shape and internal structure are designed, the tank body needs to be painted. The tank body of tri axle cement tanker adopts spray + powder spraying process design, which can make the coating life 5-8 years without fading.

And the weather resistance and corrosion resistance of the paint used can be doubled compared with ordinary paint. The thickness of the coating reaches H level, which is less likely to be scratched. Finally, the preliminary treatment does not contain phosphorus and heavy metal materials, which is more environmentally friendly.

Tri Axle 40cbm Bulk Cement Tanker Truck Trailer for Sale in Guinea

5. New bulk cement trailers can only be shipped if they meet the inspection standards

After the production of the new TITAN bulk cement tanker trailer is completed, only after passing the inspection of strict standards can we count as a qualified product.

Titans have test towers, complex road conditions, and vehicle test center test sites. They can accurately test the optimal positioning size of the discharge speed and residue of the tank, the stability of the vehicle during driving, and the braking and safety of the vehicle. Performance, only after the performance of the vehicle has reached the national standard, can it enter the market for customers to use.