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Tri Axle Blade Lifters Extendable Trailer for Sale in Vietnam

January 26, 2021

The transportation industry has different types of vehicles and platforms to meet different needs. One such transportation method that can be used is a retractable trailer.

Just like other transportation methods, this type of trailer is suitable for certain applications, otherwise it will not be solved by using other types of transportation platforms and/or vehicles.

Whether it is too long or too wide, you can use the retractable trailer towed by the tractor to comfortably load and transport any cargo. Extensive information about the trailers that led to this type and their uses are detailed here.

Tri Axle Blade Lifters Extendable Trailer for Sale in Vietnam

3 axle extendable trailer

What is an Extendable Trailer?

An extendable trailer configuration is a trailer mechanism that is designed and adapted to be towed through the use if a tractor truck travelling along a roadway.

The extension on the trailer is done efficiently take loads that may be of different lengths as the job will demand.

The mechanism of this type of trailer could include both a front and rear chassis disposed of in a telescoping connection where each of the chassis can be supported through the separate wheel and axle assemblies.

These could be inclined in a side by side connection in the contracted condition of the mechanism.

The disposition could be in spaced relation in the extended format of the mechanism.

Tri Axle Blade Lifters Extendable Trailer for Sale in Vietnam

Both the rear and front chassis cooperate in such a way that the chassis are inclined in a largely rigid connection

when the mechanism of the trailer is contracted and permissible articulation of the chassis frameworks about an overly horizontal axis following the extension of the trailer mechanism.

The devices forming up the locking mechanism are provided for purpose of securing the rear and front chassis frameworks in the assembly both in the extended and contracted status of the transporter mechanism.

The main components of the extendable trailer are a power pack unit, gooseneck, wheel, supporting device, frame electrical system, hydraulic suspension, the braking system, ladder and the hydraulic system among others.

They are vital in defining the role and operations of extended trailers. These types of trailers can be configured in different ways: longitudinally or horizontally. Here are the TWO types of extendable trailer models:

Longitudinally extendable trailers and Wide Extendable trailers

Tri Axle Blade Lifters Extendable Trailer for Sale in Vietnam

Longitudinally Extendable Trailers

Longitudinally extendable is commonly used to transport very long cargo, like tanks and windmill blades and bridge sections among other similar-like cargo.

To take these loads, the trailer is extended lengthwise. When it is not carrying any load, it needs to be adjusted back to a short length. Its application and use should, however, be based on the stipulated local laws and driving safety.

Wide Extendable Trailers

Wide extendable trailers are commonly used for taking loads that are big width-wise. The trailer is normally expanded horizontally to give room for such loads.

When it is not taking any load, it needs to be adjusted back to a short width based on the local laws and rules governing driving safety.

To meet the needs of the large-scale movement and transportation of wide cargo on roads, the frame width of the trailer gets adjusted to take up the job.

Tri Axle Blade Lifters Extendable Trailer for Sale in Vietnam

Longitudinal Extendable Trailer Basic Configuration

A conventional extendable trailer configuration has a fixed frame and an additional frame that can be connected to the fixed one.

The second frame makes a slide-able contact with the fixed frame to provide the desired longitudinal extension.

This means that the free frame can move in a relative way to the fixed frame for purposes of either lengthening or shortening the apparatus of the extendable trailer.

The movable frame is usually situated at the rear section of the tractor-towed trailer. This freely moving trailer is made up of a set of wheels and axle firmly secured to it.

Securing of the load is firmly made to the fixed frame.