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Tri axle Lowbed truck trailer for sale near me

July 18, 2020

Heavy-duty low loader trailer transportation due to their ultra-long, ultra-wide, and ultra-high characteristics, determine that they are different from ordinary vehicles during transportation, especially in terms of passability, the strength, clearance, and technology of roads, bridges, and tunnels along the way. The conditions have special requirements.

Engineering practice shows that during heavy transportation, air obstacles, road or bridge cargo restrictions, obstructions on roads and facilities above, etc. often impede the passage of transportation. According to the characteristics of heavy transportation work and transportation requirements.

Tri axle Lowbed truck trailer for sale near me

What are the factors affecting the passability of lowbed trailers?

Semi trailer theory research shows that the passability of a low loader trailer refers to the ability of a car to pass through various road conditions at a sufficiently high average speed under a certain load.


There are many influencing factors for vehicle passability. From the perspective of giving full play to the power of the car, driving speed, car wheels, differentials, driving methods, etc. have an impact on passability; from the perspective of the vehicle technical structure, the minimum ground clearance of the car, Longitudinal passing radius, lateral passing radius, minimum turning diameter, etc., reflect the passing capacity of the vehicle; from the perspective of highway technical indicators, the carrying capacity, slope, bend radius and clearance of the highway limit the passing of the vehicle.

Tri axle Lowbed truck trailer for sale near me

Horizontal and longitudinal capacity

The cross slope and longitudinal slope of the highway have a great influence on the stress system of transportation vehicles and cargoes. From the previous vehicle stability analysis, it can be seen that if the cargo has a certain strapping method, if its maximum lateral and longitudinal tilt angle exceeds the allowable The angle will destroy the stability of the transportation vehicle, which means that the transportation vehicle cannot pass through such a steep road.


Curve passing ability

Usually highways are designed according to highway technical standards, but because the large-sized transportation vehicles are different from the ordinary design vehicles based on highways in terms of both the shape of the equipment trailer and its turning ability, it is necessary to check the curve data of the highway along the way to Determine whether the vehicle can pass safely.

Tri axle Lowbed truck trailer for sale near me

What are the factors that affect the stability of heavy duty lowbed trailer?

The stability of the transport vehicle includes the stability of the strapping method and the stability of the trailer operation.

1. The bundling stability is divided into bundling forward sliding stability, forward rolling stability, side sliding stability and rollover stability;


2. The running stability is divided into the horizontal stability of the trailer, the longitudinal stability of the trailer, the stability of the collapse of the low loader trailer and the resulting local axle load increase, and the stability problems caused by the failure of some branches or components of the hydraulic system.

Tri axle Lowbed truck trailer for sale near me

A large inertial force is formed during emergency braking of a lowbed trailer train, which may cause the cargo to slide forward along the plane of the car body and the cargo to tip forward; when the car body is tilted laterally, the cargo may slide sideways or Pour sideways. Therefore, when the quality and outer dimensions of the cargo carried by the car train are very large, the design of the strapping scheme is generally required in advance to ensure the reliability of the strapping between the cargo and the low loader trailer body. The higher the tipping resistance and the side slip resistance of the trailer, the better the stability, and the driving safety and other performance of the trailer are also improved. Therefore, in order to ensure the safety and reliability of the transportation process, it is necessary to consider the stability of the strapping method.