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What are the advantages of low flatbed semi-trailer in transit?

February 7, 2018

Low semi-trailer for a variety of mechanical equipment, large objects, road construction equipment, equipment, various types of steel transport,lowbed semi-trailer with a wide range of uses, efficient and quick. Lowbed semi-trailer using advanced computer-aided design software for flexible design and flexible design, according to user requirements design frame bearing surface to meet the transport of various special goods.

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Low flatbed semitrailer series have flat, concave beam and tire exposed structure, the vertical beam or gooseneck. The frame for the ladder-type, longitudinal beam cross-section I-shaped, with high rigidity, high strength and so on.

1. The car before and after the narrow width mode, according to the principle of the triangle, when the car lifted its center of gravity is more concentrated, the inclination of the corner line to a certain angle, the box of dimes and ground vertical, the bottom line A difference of 10 cm on both sides, that big box will not be rollover. Big box before the narrow design actually more conducive to the dump of goods, not prone to blockage, uniform decline in goods, not to happen one side, one side of the situation, which will not make the car rollover.

2. Novel design: This ultra-light semi-trailer is based on the full understanding of the transport environment around the analysis, drawing on advanced design concepts at home and abroad, through the use of FEA (finite element analysis), a number of innovations in a new light Car.

3. In order to meet the current weight charge and double super-governance strict transport environment, to meet the user's self-respect for the vehicle "light" can carry and maximize profits, high-strength steel light semitrailer, after repeated large number of experiments, the grand Listed!

4. The fuel tank is made from the manufacturer, the material strength and the ordinary cylinder is different, the car's rear panel locking mechanical device. When unloading, the locking hook and the rear panel are automatically opened to avoid blocking during unloading, especially when the rock is unloaded and the rear panel is not hit, reducing the loss of the vehicle.

5.The use of three-axis balanced, biaxial balanced or rigid suspension, with a mass balance between the front and rear leaf springs can make the same before and after the deflection of the leaf spring changes, the front and rear shaft force balance

6. It has a low center of gravity, lifting is not easy to overturn and so on. Frame and carriage have been national patents, the frame made of 16 manganese beam board, greatly increasing the bearing strength. Reduce the center of gravity to 1.3 meters to 1.4 meters, the cargo is not easy to rollover on the Akira, on the tires and leaf springs, reduce the number of frame damage.