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What are the advantages of tank semi-trailer in transportation?

March 15, 2018

Oil tank semi-trailer refers to a dedicated cylindrical container truck or trailer are mainly used for loading liquid, powder, granule, gas and other items of a certain liquid, and oil tank semi-trailer advantages, more suitable for liquid powder and other goods circulation.

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1. High transportation efficiency.

The tank body is a special type of container, which usually adopts the centralized loading and unloading mode, which shortens the stop time of the car during loading and unloading, and speeds up the vehicle turnover.

At the same time, it is easy to realize mechanization of loading and unloading by using the tank car, and the transportation efficiency is greatly improved.

It is 20 times more efficient to load cement in bulk cement truck than ordinary truck.

It is more than six times more efficient to carry grain in bulk grain than to carry grain by ordinary car.

It is 47 percent more efficient to ship the shell eggs with a tanker than to carry the shell eggs in a normal van.

2. Materials do not deteriorate easily.

Because of the tanks are basically sealed container, less affected by the external environment and climate conditions, goods in transit can be protected by the good, not easy metamorphism and damage, and thus ensure the physical, chemical properties of the material is not easy to change.

The tank trailer is the ideal means of transportation for food (drinks), chemicals or other items that need to be protected against moisture and heat.

3. Conducive to safe transportation.

When loading corrosive or toxic substances, ceramic or glass containers are generally used for containers. In the process of loading and unloading and transportation, there is a slight accident, which can lead to serious accidents.

The possibility of an accident is greatly reduced by the use of a tank truck to carry such items, and thus can be safely transported and loaded.

4. Reduce labor intensity and improve loading and unloading conditions.

Liquid, powder, granular objects are mostly in cans, jars, boxes, bags and other household utensils for packaging, from the factory to use the site, after a lot of loading and unloading, and are almost manual loading and unloading, the intensity of labor is very big.

In addition, some of the items in the loading and unloading of the dust or emit some peculiar smell, impeding the loading and unloading workers' physical health.

The loading and unloading conditions and labor intensity of the loading and unloading workers are obviously improved.

5. Reduce transportation costs.

By tank truck transport, easy to realize mechanization, unloading, transport, storage, not only saves labor, but save a lot of packaging materials (cans, altar, bags, boxes, etc.), in the transportation cost.