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What is a lowboy trailer used for?

June 5, 2020

The detachable gooseneck lowboy trailer is also called the rgn lowboy trailer, which is a vehicle used to carry heavy-duty cargo. There are two front loading and unloading methods, folding gooseneck lowboy trailer and split detachable gooseneck trailer.
It can be used to load and transport heavy machinery and equipment. The removable gooseneck trailer has a trailer frame and a gooseneck connection, which can be separated from each other.


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What is lowboy trailer?

The gooseneck of the detachable gooseneck low plate semi-trailer is usually composed of four parts: a tractor, a force transmission system, an alignment adjustment system and a locking system. There are two kinds of locking control methods: manual control and pneumatic control.

The main difference between the RGN trailer and other lowbed semi-trailers is that its gooseneck can be unloaded. For lowbed trailer, heavy cargo are loaded from the rear. However, when using RGN trailers, the cargo is loaded from the front.


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Folding lowboy trailer:

The front part of the folding gooseneck trailer can be folded down to the ground, and their long decks are suitable for long and heavy cargo.

Advantage:80 ton lowboy trailer is lighter and cheaper, reducing additional maintenance costs for the hydraulic system.
Disadvantages: This type of trailer is more difficult and slower to raise and lower than hydraulic systems.

Hydraulic rgn lowboy trailer:

Hydraulic RGN trailers are widely used in the heavy transportation industry and are the most common type of lowboy trailer. The gooseneck trailer uses hydraulic cylinders to remove the gooseneck. When loading, the heavy equipment lowboy trailer can be lowered and raised as needed.

Advantage: Compared with other types of detachable gooseneck trailers, it is the simplest and fastest disassembly method.

Disadvantage: Military lowboy trailer is heavy and the deck length is short, the hydraulic system increases maintenance requirements and costs.


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