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What is a sidelifter truck trailer?

May 23, 2020

Side loaders also called side lifters, automatic loading trailers or swinglift trailer provide a versatile and cost-effective way to load, transport and unload containers and other cargo. In a market where container handling is increasing, this makes it possible for you to gain new business, customers and revenue.

The side loader can safely transport containers and other cargo to other trailers, trucks or trains, or directly on the ground to safely and effectively pack or unpack. It is widely used in container logistics, container freight transfer stations, railway container handling stations, warehouses and other container distribution centers.

The sidelifter truck trailer is mounted on a truck or trailer and can be operated with a minimum of manpower without any additional equipment, thereby minimizing waiting time, planning time, and providing a seamless and competitive service.


How does a side lifter work?

With a 37-ton lifting capacity, the side lifter truck is quick and stable and boasts an outreach of more than four meters to provide ease of operation.

The sidelifter is available with a separate power pack system with the Kubota engine. This means that the side loading trailer can operate with any truck without any specific hydraulic fittings, and gives more flexibility for operators with a fleet of trucks. In addition, this model will handle 20 ft containers, 40 ft containers as well as 2 x 20 ft containers side by side.

It will also handle the double stacking of containers, an added feature when space is at a premium. Side loader has been tried and tested, where it enjoys a strong presence in the commercial road transport market. For some years the side loader container has become a top-selling product in those countries. Many operators approve of the technology and have been impressed by its performance.

The hydraulic system is fitted with pilot-operated over-center valves on the crane arm cylinders.

These are factory pre-set to cope with unforeseen shock loads or attempts to lift more than the crane’s maximum lifting capacity. Prevent the arms from moving unless there is a pressure signal from the main hydraulic valve. This stops the arms from dropping and prevents any runaway of the load in the event of a hose failure. The hydraulic system is also fitted with a High Speed/Load Sense Unloader Valve which limits working pressure when operating in high-speed mode. This prevents the engine from overload.

Designers at TITAN are constantly improving their rugged side lifter without compromising on ‘safety’ which continues to be their number one focus. Throughout the design process, a constant eye is kept on safety. Although the side lifter was built to work under the most extreme conditions, transfers of containers weighing up to 45 ton can still be made easily within a “safe” working envelope.

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How to use the side loader trailer to load and unload containers?

Unloading container with Side lifter

1) Open the engine control box, start the engine, let the engine run at idle speed for about 10s, and then adjust it to 1600 r / min ~ 2600 r / min through the regulator handle;

2) Turn on the power of the remote control and the power supply of the electrical system control box;

3) Extend the inclined stabilizer legs (Note: Do not operate the boom before fully supporting the stabilizer legs);

4) Lock the four locks of the chain to the bottom of the container and rotate the rotary lock to unlock the container;

5) Use the remote control to control the boom to unload the container from the semi-trailer without interference. It is best to keep the distance between the semi-trailer and the container from 300mm to 500mm;

6) Remove the sling chain and retract the boom and stabilizer in order;

7) Adjust the engine speed to idle speed and turn off the engine and turn off all power.



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