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What is the difference between livestock cargo trailer?

May 25, 2020

1. Van trailers are loved by developed cities and occupy the mainstream position in cities with developed logistics

First of all, let ’s talk about vans trailer. The most popular vans truck on the market today are van light trucks. For this type of cargo trailer, the first reaction of the friends is to worry. First, it can be waterproof and anti-theft. Second, there is no need to cover the tarpaulin, which saves a lot of trouble for the hood. Relatively fast, and now many van light trucks will open a side door, which greatly improves the speed of loading and unloading. Fourth, because of the good tightness of the van itself, you can go out on the road no matter whether it is sunny or rainy, and it is not restricted by the weather.

In addition, with the development of the city, many cities prohibit trucks from entering the city's backbone areas and central areas with better economic development. Therefore, many van light trucks have complied with this policy and solved the restrictions on truck bans. The rapid development of express delivery has also led to a linear growth in the number of van light truck markets.

In order to ensure the safety of goods, some cargo owners will specifically specify the use of vans when looking for cargo trailer. Therefore, in large cities with more developed logistics, everyone can see the prevalence of van light trucks. At present, vans trailer has begun to occupy the mainstream position in the light truck market.

2. The supply of goods is wider than that of vans trailer. A livestock cargo trailer is more suitable for pulling vegetables and fruits

Compared with the van trailer, the loading capacity of the fences trailer is larger. Due to its breathability, the range of the cargo that can be pulled is also wider than that of the van trailer. It is also more convenient in loading and unloading than the van trailer.

At present, the most common barn car in daily life is the car that pulls vegetables.

Why is the sugar cane trailer suitable for pulling vegetables?

First, because of the good air permeability of the fence semi trailer, if it is a sealed environment, in the summer, the cargo is easily damaged, and even corrupt.

The second is that the platform trailer is also convenient for inspection at the toll booth. Everyone knows that pulling vegetables and fruits can be free of tolls. Therefore, the major toll booths have stricter checks on vehicles. It's clear at a glance that you don't have to move goods for inspection like a van trailer.

3. The loading capacity of the sidewall trailer is large, which is suitable for pulling large goods. It is mostly used for the transportation of furniture and building materials.

The loading capacity of the grain trailer is relatively large, and it is suitable for transporting large cargo. Many light-throw cargoes that are not super high will also choose to use the grain hopper.
Because the price is relatively cheaper than that of vans and barns, it can transport more goods.

As for the sidewall trailer in the existing freight market, they are generally mainly used for transporting building materials, furniture and some lightly thrown goods. It can be used as a dropside trailer.


For the specific purchase, general cargo trailers friends can choose the car that suits them best according to their local climate, the type of goods to be transported, and the local regional environmental characteristics. If the goods you want to pull are somewhat special, and the above vehicles do not meet the expectations of card friends, then platform trailer friends are best to consult some professional suppliers with relevant experience before buying a dry cargo trailer.


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