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what is the easiest way to make a car more fuel-efficient ? | TITAN VEHICLE

September 13, 2017


flatbed trailer with sidewall


The biggest proportion of the truck trailer 's operating costs is fuel consumption, how to reduce fuel consumption, thereby reducing operating costs,today i want to share some tips for your reference ,I hope it will help drivers and friends .


1, Soft start
Step on the gas slowly, slow down. Gradually shift the gears from low key to high. This will reduce engine heating time and save fuel consumption. If you start the throttle to speed up, this will not only hurt the car, but also greatly increase fuel consumption.


2, Driving based on economic speed
Driving in accordance with the speed of the vehicle design is another way to save oil, and fuel consumption is increased below or above this speed. When a truck trailer runs at an economic speed, it is the most fuel efficient. No matter whether the speed is too high or too low, it is harmful to fuel economy. When the speed is low, the piston moves at low speed and burns incompletely. When the speed is high, the intake speed increases, which leads to an increase in intake resistance, which increases fuel consumption.


3, Gently lift the gas
Light throttle can fuel, if the speed of the engine throttle screw up, will reduce suddenly to pull resistance effect, offset in part driving inertia, and make the car have a "shake", the increase of fuel consumption.


4,Shift in time
Fast and timely gear shift, especially on the ramp, the shorter the shift time, the better the car's dynamic performance, the more fuel it can save.


5, keep the distance from the car
If the road is congested and the car brakes frequently, it should keep enough distance with the car before it can slow down and reduce the number of braking so as to achieve the purpose of saving oil.


Recently ,our Titan vehicle Company develop a very fuel-efficient light flatbed trailer ----- 3 Axle 40 ton Flatbed Trailer with Air Suspension,here is Youtube video link ,  ,if you have a need like that , welcome to send inquiry !


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