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What should I do if light trailers skid? How to prevent?

March 17, 2018

What should I do if light trailers skid? How to prevent? As the skidding is one of the main causes of accidents during the running of the trailer, the trailer driver must first understand the reason for the skidding and some necessary precautions to ensure safe driving and parking of the light semi-trailer.

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First, light trailer slip reason

Lightweight semi-trailer skidding is because tires reduce the adhesion on the road and drive away from the direction. Generally, it is easy to cause slippage during rainy days. Therefore, drivers must pay special attention when driving light-weight trailers on rainy days.

Second, light trailer skid prevention method

1.The rear wheel skid

When the rear wheel slips, the rear body slides, causing the vehicle to splay. Anti-slip steering wheel direction and make sure there is no brake, all actions are as gentle as possible.

2.Four-wheel skid

When four wheels skid, the driver will feel that the speed of the vehicle is faster than usual. In order to effectively prevent the skidding of the trailer, it is necessary to find grip, throttle, brake, and clutch faucet, and ensure that the action is light. Keep the vehicle running slowly to prevent skidding.

3.The front wheel skid

The front wheel of the trailer skids, that is, the steering wheel cannot rotate, and the vehicle moves straight ahead until it encounters an obstacle. At this point, if the wheel is turning, the steering wheel can be turned until the return is normal and the brake is repeated, so that the oil circuit can reach the most effective working state.