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What should you pay attention to when driving lowbed trailer?

March 22, 2018

1.The same is the long-distance transport, for lowbed trailer and one vehicle choice, more people will still prefer the lowbed trailer, although the integrated car will be more economical, but the same distance on the cost, semi-trailer and more Pulling more than one is more rewarding. In the process of driving the flatbed semi-trailer, since it is different from the one-piece vehicle, the camber is relatively large when making a turn. It must be noted that the position of the flatbed semi-trailer is at least a little more than a meter away from the main vehicle when turning. Only after the distance is controlled, can it be more convenient when it is necessary to reverse the vehicle. 

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2. When a flatbed semi-trailer needs to pass, even after it has been successful, it should not immediately return to the lane, because its own vehicle length and size are relatively large, so we must set aside suitable ones. distance. Lowbed trailer overtaking is the need for very skilled skills, after the overtaking must be timely observation of the situation of the rearview mirror, waiting in the rearview mirror is already visible after the rear part of the car before returning to the driving Road. What needs to be said here is that the lowbed trailer itself is a big obstacle, and in high-speed, national roads, urban areas and other roads, please do not arbitrarily overtake and avoid some accidental traffic accidents.

3. Snowy days, lowbed trailer driving in rain and snow weather conditions, remember not to use rapid acceleration or emergency brake. And in such road conditions, the flat-bed semi-trailer must not use the closed-air brake, which will directly cause the drive wheel to stop running, and the semi-trailer will lose control after the flame-out condition occurs. This is a very dangerous operation method! Use it with caution!

4. The reversing skills of the flatbed semi-trailer are accumulated day after day. If you want to master the reversing skills of the flatbed semi-trailer, you must have at least six months of proficiency to master it. In the process of reversing the vehicle, don't always turn repeatedly, this is a bad operating habit, and it will also make it impossible for you to figure out the specific position of the flat-bed semi-trailer now. When the oil can be boomed, the speed of the vehicle's engine can be balanced with the speed of the drive, and the ability to add or subtract gears without using a clutch can be achieved.