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Wind Blade Trailer for Sale - Trailer for Blade System Analysis

June 9, 2021

Design of Compound Suspension System of Whole Vehicle

Structural analysis of the vehicle compound suspension system

The wind turbine blade transport vehicle is a combination of a tractor and a LY9280 ultra-long light transport vehicle. The main vehicle adopts a leaf spring type non-independent suspension, and the LY9280 ultra-long light transport vehicle uses an oil-gas suspension; because the LY9280 ultra-long light transport vehicle has a longer frame , Up to 33 meters, the frame is excited by the road surface transmitted by the suspension system of the vehicle during vehicle transportation, and vibrates, so that the wind turbine blades are subjected to greater impact loads during the transportation process; therefore, we adopt a set of two-stage damping and buffering device is installed between the frame and the blades.

The two-stage damping and buffering device is composed of air springs, shock absorbers, longitudinal pull rods, inclined push rods, transverse stabilizers, etc.; in this way, wind power blades are transported. The car has a composite suspension system with multiple cushioning and damping functions, so that the impact load transmitted to the blades is reduced as much as possible. The tractor used in this vehicle is provided by the OEM. Here we only consider the oil-gas suspension system of the trailer and the secondary shock absorber device fixed on the surface of the trailer frame.

Wind Blade Trailer for Sale - Trailer for Blade System Analysis

6 Axle Extendable Wind Blade Trailer

Trailer Pneumatic Suspension System

The trailer's suspension adopts hydraulic suspension, which is not conducive to damping vibration, while the hydro-pneumatic suspension has better elastic characteristics, so it is convenient to transform it into a hydro-pneumatic suspension. The hydro-pneumatic suspension is a passive suspension, but the hydro-pneumatic suspension also has the structure of an active suspension, which has some functions and performances that only an active suspension can achieve. The so-called hydro-pneumatic suspension refers to a suspension that uses oil to transfer pressure and uses inert gas (usually nitrogen) as an elastic medium. Its elastic element is an accumulator, and the damping element is a throttling inside the suspension cylinder. Hole, check valve, etc.

Wind Blade Trailer for Sale - Trailer for Blade System Analysis

10 Axle Extendable Trailer

Features of hydro-pneumatic suspension

(1) Non-linear stiffness. The rigidity of the traditional suspension is basically constant because the rigidity of the elastic element is mostly linear. In the hydro-pneumatic suspension, the rigidity of the elastic element has the characteristics of nonlinear and gradual increase (decrease), which can realize the vehicle It runs smoothly on flat roads, and maintains a certain speed on poor-quality roads because the suspension absorbs more impact energy.

(2) Non-linear damping. It can quickly suppress the vibration of the frame and has good vibration damping.

(3) The height of the vehicle can be adjusted freely. Through simultaneous or separate adjustment of the suspension cylinders, the height of the frame can be raised and lowered, front and rear, or left and right. This is very important for improving the passing performance and driving performance of the vehicle.

Wind Blade Trailer for Sale - Trailer for Blade System Analysis

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(4) Rigid locking. By cutting off the connecting oil circuit between the hydraulic cylinder and the accumulator and other hydraulic components, using the feature of less compressibility of the oil, the hydro-pneumatic suspension can be kept in a rigid state. Under this condition, the vehicle can bear a larger load, but the suspension The rigidity of the frame is poor.

(5) Improve vehicle motion performance. Through the different connections of the suspension crisscrossing (which can improve certain sports performance of the vehicle), such as roll motion and pitch motion, it can solve the nodding phenomenon when the vehicle starts and brakes.

(6) The unit energy storage ratio is large. This feature is particularly beneficial to heavy vehicles, which can effectively reduce the mass and structural size of the suspension. Of course, the hydro-pneumatic suspension also has some shortcomings, such as the high processing accuracy and sealing requirements of related components, the maintenance and repair of the suspension is more difficult, and the cost is relatively high.

Wind Blade Trailer for Sale - Trailer for Blade System Analysis

Adaptor of Wind Blade Trailer

3. Common Features of the Wind Blade Trailer

To sum up, the problems that need to be solved during the transportation of the blade are mainly concentrated in three aspects: First, the blade cannot be used as a load-bearing component during the transportation, which requires the use of integral frame vehicles for transportation. Second, the blade has low rigidity, which is prone to large deformation during transportation. The front edge of the blade has low strength and rigidity, and is easily damaged locally during transportation. Therefore, the vibration transmitted to the blade should be minimized during transportation. May be reduced, which requires improving the ride comfort of transport vehicles.

The blade is a long and large piece, and the mobility and passability during transportation are relatively poor; we can use the Sichuan multi-axis trailer steering mode to provide the steering performance of the blade transporter, and at the same time, it is also possible to make the cargo platform of the blade transporter into a liftable form. A good choice. Therefore, the key issues that need to be solved for wind power blade transport vehicles are basically focused on the ride comfort of the vehicle.